Happy Vesak Day!

Vesak Greeting


Sukho buddhanamuppado
sukha saddhammadesana
sukha sanghassa samaggi
samagganam tapo sukho

Happy is the arising of a Buddha;

happy is the exposition of the Ariya Dhamma;

happy is the harmony amongst the Sangha;

happy is the practice of those in harmony.




Update from Praxy

Lakshmi_0597 copy


Dear all
It was a joy to welcome Lakshmi ( Subtamaniam Iyer  ) to our house on her recent  visit to U.K. Because of her commitments she could only spend one night with us . I invited Mareena and Swarna also to join us and we had a fantastic time reminiscing  our past and the life at Medical Faculty days.. Most of you were mentioned and remembered in our recollections and I thought of putting this photo in the blog ( taken by Ranjit ) who was out numbered by the females.


Best Wishes to MSP!

MSP BD copy

Batch’64 joins me in wishing you a wonderful day to celebrate with your family.

Wishing you many more joyful Birthdays  in the future  with much health and happiness!



Dear Sunil Happy birthday 🎂 💐
Across the ocean we send  greetings to you
And hope to meet you at our October RU.
May you be blessed with good health and happiness not only today
But all God’s abundant blessings to be with you all the way .
Praxy and Edward



Happy Birthday Sunil !

May you enjoy this day, and enjoy many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .

My Co Intern at Ragama – you were a   very solid, dependable , unassuming , gentle, quiet gentleman, and a very  kind and compassionate doctor.

It was great to see you in  Beruwala 2014 RU ,  after all those years in between .

You still remain the same wonderful person that you were back then .

Hope to see you again – Oct 2018 – with your lovely wife and pretty daughter , and good wishes to them .

Your Co Intern- Deepthie



Sending you my best wishes for a fabulous birthday
Filled with joy, contentment and happiness all the way 
May your serene life pass smoothly as a flowing river
With happiness, good health & joy, unabated year on year 
Na attahetu  na parassa hetu
Na puttamicche nadhanam na rattham
Na iccheyya adhammena samiddim attano
Sa silava  pannava dhammiko siya
Neither for one’s own , no for another’s sake
Nor for wish of children , wealth or estate
Nor success desired ever by means unjust
These are the virtues in you, I recognize
Ariya De Silva

Gifted children


There is something about gifted children that is awe inspiring and endearing.This young chap is a mathematical genius. Is he endowed with more neural connections than the rest.?Perhaps the whole brain project which is now underway will give us more insight into his wonderful achievements when we know more about our neural networks.More importantly, what really happens to these young people as they grow older.Do they get better with age or do they gradually fizzle out to a more contemporary level of achievement.Please share your opinion and experience.



Shared by Rani



Is this guy for real..or what….watch regardless of dialogue/language

The introduction/conversation is in Sinhalese



Even if


 don’t understand, proceed

with video clip

for the question and answer session



RU Update – Sam

Update on Batch’64 RU 2018



At the request of the organizing committee, I have been in contact with Eden Resort & Spa in Beruwala regarding this event. The RU is scheduled for the 5th-6th and 7th of October, 2018.

We had a positive response to the initial posting with a growing list of around 50 batch mates who indicated their willingness to attend. At this time I would recommend you contact the Hotel directly and book your own accommodation.  Hotel will not hold your reservation unless 50% payment is received by them in advance.

Please contact Iroshika De Silva, of Browns Hotels & Resorts and mention the special rates for the RU’64 event

All her contact information and other details are  outlined in the document attached below. If you have additional questions please contact us  through the blog or directly via email.

Eden Resort Booking Information

Sam S

For the organizing committee.


Updates: 4/24/18

Ranjith Almeida has informed me that our old local RU a/c is still active and that if anyone wishes to transfer money through Ranjith, rather than direct payment to Eden, he will be glad to help. You may save a few bucks on transfer fees.

Additionally  Iroshika has informed me that  single (FB) rooms are also available for 20,625/= and Paradise rooms for 29,750/= (these are special rates for the event only)


Update from Ariya


My dear Sam and the gang,
Having met up yesterday over a sumptious dinner
Two batch mates & good friends over downunder
Discussed their participation of reunion in October
Post it in the web, an encouragement to any doubter


“Being Busy”- Sam


Ariya 1


Dr Ariya De Silva – Being busy


Editorial Note:

Although this document was not intended for publication by the author , I thought our batchmates would enjoy reading this artical about Ariya’s proud achievements. Like myself Ariya grew up in a little beach side southern village and rode the tide to Class of ’64 and beyond like no other. Well done Ariya. We are all proud of you!


Passing of a Wonderful Batch’64 – Mate

RF James


James’s wife informed me that James( Our Batch mate) who suffered from Parkinsons for many years,  passed away on  ?14.03.18.
I recieved the message only yesterday morning.


Sathyanayagam and I visited him at his home about 2-3 yrs ago. We were not sure if he recognized us. We had a chat with his wife. 

I will try to call his wife to express our condolences