6 thoughts on “A Reunion with our Ancestors”

  1. Thanks Seelan for posting the video. I have seen similar videos of encounters with Gorillas. However it is never enough seeing such beautiful videos.

    I am a very strong supporter of wild life in Sri Lanka and all over the world. My charitable contributions have gone to various wild life projects and preserving the rain forests around the globe over the past 45 + years since I became a wage earner.



  2. Thanks Seelan, I have seen this before. When we tracked the jungles of Rwanda many years ago, the Leader Silver Back fell from a branch close to where we were. It went passed Nirmali while I looked down in submission and tapped Nirmali on her shoulder and went passed us! Scary episode. I wonder now whether it was a call to her to join the pack of female Gorillas!


  3. Thanks Seelan and Sam for posting this “Human animal Interaction, and Human Animal Bond”
    The gentle interaction of Gorlla ,with the lady shows,that although Gorillas are portrayed as ferocious,aggressive animals, they are usually calm .and peaceful,unless they feel threatened.


  4. Nissantha ,greatly appreciate your contributions to the preservation of Rain forest and wild life ,in Srilanka and Globally


  5. Dear Seelan,

    Thank you, for sharing this beautiful video clip
    Intense greed of man destroys homely setup
    They are our closest relatives hence must do protect
    Appreciate Sterling work of this group, deserves help



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