9 thoughts on “Traffic rules adherence in Lanka”

  1. It is a shame to learn that a dog in Sri Lanka is more disciplined than human beings. Now we know why there are so many traffic accidents , death by traffic accidents and traffic congestion in Sri Lanka.



  2. Nisantha,

    You are absolutely right heavily congested streets
    Unruly drivers as well pedestrians, no traffic sense
    No city or town planning and a population explosion
    Like armies of mosquitoes do pop up three wheelers



  3. Dear batchmates, the Traffic Law Relared to Jay Walking was initiated in 1987.

    As you know Jay walking in Srilanka is defined as a pedestrian not using the pedestrian crossing , or crossing within 50 metres distance from a crossing ,inclusive of subways and flyovers.

    The Traffic police in Colombo,and suburbs have implemented the The drive against Jay walking (JW)
    Offenders who violate the law will be subjected to a spot fine of Rs 1000, first time and 3000,thereafter, or will be taken to Traffic courts ,to face a hearing , including a waiting period of Bout 4 hrs and a lawyer’s fee of 200 to 300Rs,

    3631 people had been fined last year I believe, and over Rs 3.6 million fines imposed by the Traffic courts?


  4. Thanks Ariya for the post and the comments by others.The dog in the pic is collared, though well disciplined like his/ her owners should not have been allowed to stray.This brings into account the problem with stray dogs and Rabies in Sri Lanka.Only last October , a French boy aged 10 died in the Pasteur institute in France of human rabies after being bitten by a stray puppy on a beach in Sri Lanka during their holiday in August 2017..This is a real issue, even in Colombo, packs of stray dogs still wander especially around independence square.They are smart and I have a pic of them crossing all together at a pedestrian crossing.!!
    According to Harischandra et al the annual human rabies deaths in Sri Lanka has dropped from 375 in 1974 to around 25 in 2015.This is still far too high and is an ever present danger to all visitors local and foreign. Eddie.


    1. Thanks Eddie,

      This is an important, timely issue you’ve raised,

      Concerned over the exodus of unruly stray dogs

      Loitering & occasionally even threatening visitors

      I questioned a councillor, in Mount Lavinia, beach

      He did reassure me, though I had no way to check

      Every stray dog there, as been properly vaccinated

      In a country, politicians are economical with the truth

      Leave you to guess the reality, as how far from the truth



  5. Fantastic!!!

    Dear Seelan, got me in stitches, your comment

    It has to be you, to have a benevolent thought

    I spent time with the video, never came to mind

    The chit chat going among mates is really brilliant



  6. We all are grateful!

    Thanks, Simone, Eddie and Nisantha,

    Three of you together doing a fabulous job

    Keeping us all, up to date with accurate facts

    Refreshing frail neurones of septuagenarians



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