Happy Easter!

Easter copy


EasterEaster contemplations

Happy Easter

Hallelujah!  Let us together celebrate Easter

Jesus rose from death on a day like today

To make our lives joyous and to prop up the weak

Above all to teach the value of sacrificing for each other


My Easter pledges

Contentment and Generosity

Compassion and Forgiveness


If I had measured happiness and success in terms of assets

And exhausted my time in expanding my wealth & treasures

I’ve learnt a lesson that happiness does not lie in the riches

But on one’s generosity as the lord scarified His Life


If Compassion and forgiveness was not prominent

In my hitherto life, will be the whole mark from now onwards

However desperate the position or the encounters,

I shall have hope in the goodness of heart


Ariya De Silva

15 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. AMEN!!!, to your observations; Ariya. May the Risen Christ bless all of my batchmates on coming EASTER.



  2. Blessings to ALL – Class of 64 during this Holy Season .

    My Easter Memories —
    Go back to a time when I was in my teenage years, spending Easter Holidays at my Margaret aunty and Benedict Mama’s old sprawling home in Pitipana , Negombo .

    Lucky – Gita- you know them and you took me to that old home in Pitipana on our return trip from A’pura in nov 2014.– now a Senior ‘s Home, now owned and financed by my extended family members of Dilma Tea Empire .

    ‘ Pasku’ as the villages used to say ( coming from the work Pasque ) was a real important time, in this 100 % Roman Catholic fishing village .

    The character of this quaint village has seen The Times of Change … for Better or Worse …

    On Good Friday- year after year, there is the big Stations of The Cross- Passion Play Parade down the village street- in the same style as the one in Oberamagau in Germany – but NO tourists from around the world !

    This was family tradition -where each family had the ‘rights ‘ to play the role of the main characters in the Passion Play.

    The Parade ended in the church at 3 pm- where the ‘Crucifixion ‘ would take place .
    We would go on a ‘fast ‘ all day- with only biscuits and water for food and drink ALL day .

    On Friday night and Saturday night– the fishermen would sing into the night – the Psalms ” Passan ‘ as they would call it.

    The local fishermen would be singing in Latin, their haunting Georgian Chants like singing voices , wafting into the night air, mixed in with the gentle salty breeze from the ocean .
    It was a hauntingly moving sound to listen to , in the stillness of the night …. and it still haunts me , even as I write this some 60 yrs later ….

    Saturday– All is quiet in the village – not even a mouse moved !.

    Sunday — All Festive- Christ Has Risen ! and we all go to Church in our Easter Sunday Best and come home, have a Festive Breakfast, go for a ‘sea bath ‘ and then eat belly full the Easter Lunch — real Pitipana Fish Curry, Pork Curry- good old uru mas – and thora malu , that no one makes it like the Pitipana folks !

    Then– Afternoon Siesta !

    Happy Easter- to ALL .



  3. My dear Deepthie,

    This is a special Easter wish, for you for peace of mind

    Your beautiful write ups with classic explanations, we missed

    High class photography and erudite teaching lessons, top brand

    Glad to see you back with vigour & vitality of the unyielding kind



  4. Happy Easter to all the 64 batch mates.

    Deepthie your write up about the Easter Memories reminds me of the quote “Life is a gift,that needs to be celebrated,and so are Festivals”

    Festivals as you mention are a great source of Entertainment., and brings people of same religious beliefs,together and at the same time a good way to bond families,extended families,relations,friends,and communities.

    Deepthie your description of the Easter festivities is a experienced example of it.
    It contributes greatly to a sense of belonging,a measure of unity among families.


  5. Thank you Ariya, Eddie and Rani- for the kind words of appreciation of my Easter Memories , as those
    memories came gushing out like a water fall and I just wrote them as they came bounding down memory lane !
    Now , all my siblings and cousins ( my father’s sister’s children from the village Pitipana ) are scattered around the world , except for one member, who still lives in Pitipana, that I met- Thanks to Laki and Gita .
    The older generation – most of them have gone to the Spirit World …

    Life is a Gift — so Celebrate, using Any Festival, as a good excuse !!

    Blessings to ALL Class of 64- eagleD


  6. Thanks Ariya and Deepthi.A blessed Easter to all ’64 batch mates, Hallelu Yah! It’s New Life in Spring as depicted by the egg and the rabbit (- no specific religeous connotation, but culturally English).
    Deepthi, the Sinhala Pasku, the Spanish Pasqua or French Pacques is derived from the Greek verb Pascho or Paschien meaning to Suffer , the ancient celebration of Easter being combined with the Crucifixion.
    Best wishes to all.


    1. Thanks Narme for the clarification of the old word ‘ Pasku ‘.

      I knew it was a word coined up from some European language – mainly Spanish- as there were a lot of Spanish Catholic priests in the Negombo area and all along the coast line of Ceylon back then .

      Even our old parish of Palliyawatte Catholic Church – in Hendala – I recall an old Spanish priest who was our priest for a long time, till the Sinhalese priests came along .

      But, nice to know the original word came from the Greeks .

      We sure learn something new every day !!

      Again- Happy Easter to ALL .

      Thanks- eagleD


  7. happy easter to all, many interesting anecdotes especially by deepthi so well expressed, and enjoyable reading,appreciate many comments by all others ,thanks simone, ariya and all others,


    1. Hey Paul !
      You came out of hiding ? where were you all this time ?
      Good to have you back and thanks for the good words on my comments/ writing skills !
      did not know I had the knack for writing till Sam The Web Master started this blog to hold us all together and get people ‘talking ‘ !
      Thanks to Sam and all who participate in this great spider web – eagleD


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