17 thoughts on “Doctors are shocked ! -Rani”

  1. In my early years of life, we used a lot of coconut & coconut oil, but later there was a conception that coconut is bad because it has highly saturated fat & would increase the LDL & so on. So I reduced the use of coconut but now it is the other way. More than 1500 studies are available encouraging us to use coconut. Wonder whether its too late ,in my age to change. However, we are now using more & more coconut, assuming that the coconut we used in the past will have some additive effect.!!!

    Now I think that I don’t have to worry about the following!!!!:-
    Alzeimer’s; Heart disease; BP; Liver protection; Kidney infection; Arthrits; Cancer esp Colon; Anti bact& Anti fungal; Memory & brain function; Energy; Digestion; Colitis; GB disease; Many Skin issues; Gum; Osteoporosis; Type 2 diabetes; losing fat esp belly fat; muscle building; Hair care; Anti aging; Hormone balancing etc.

    “Coconut Water is good for your daughter” & “Coconut Toddy is good for your Body”

    “Long live the Coconut” but don’t know how long I will live following the new regime!!


  2. Silly me, I forgot the best coconut product :-
    ” Pol Arrack is very Spiritual ” – Bugger all the diseases – “Bottle a day will PRESERVE your Body”


    1. My dear Seelan,

      As a lifetime teetotaller, I am a bit confused,
      Your knowledge of ‘drink’ of deity’ is respected
      What made you to abundon the spiritual drink ‘pol’
      And move to ‘Chivas Regai’, lock, stock & barrel?



  3. The research has been done from the university of our town, Adelaide which has a reputation to produce excellent research. We use very little coconut oil because of its negative impact on coronary arteries and hence the high prevelance of CAD in Asian countries including Sri-Lanka. Like Seelan I also have read many articles showing the beneficial effects of coconut oil.
    I am not sure what is factual any more.


  4. Dear Seelan and Satha,

    I too like to add a word or two and enter the fray
    Spoke to a prof in Sri Lanka he definitely did say
    Undermining coconut oil was done by the USA
    To boost Sun flower oil, gullible became the prey



  5. Here is a suggestion, use ‘64 web

    Thanks Rani. for sharing with us a vital life saving topic
    Hearing all the health benefits of coconut, I am ecstatic
    In ‘64 batch, widely spread are medical experts, no doubt
    May I propose for each mate to look into and do your bit

    Any research information to share in our web if relevant
    Colon cancer, diabetes like nasty lot are difficult to treat
    If can produce cure by the fruit of our own tree, coconut
    That research & spread of the truth, would be important



  6. Thanks Rani, Seelan, Sathanathan and Ariya. I thought that in the evening of our life, we should be interested in things non medical.However,Rani you have made me revert to our old ways , looking for good evidence.I tried to locate the journal article but was only able to read the abstract.It is from the veterinary department of the Roseworthy. Campus , Adelaide University and published in the chemotherapy journal in 2013.The study was to detect the differences in apotosis in CAC -2 and IL 6 cell lines( invitro) comparing the effect of Lauric Acid ( major MCFA in coconut milk) vs Butyrate( C5 SCFA).The result showed that Lauric Acid was better in inducing apotosis in vitro.p= 0.05.Essentially comparing medium chain with short chain fatty acid.
    Does this translate to cancer preventive effects of drinking virgin coconut oil.? In my opinion.NO. Coconut has many MCFA and Lauric Acid is one but is also in higher quantity than the others.The evidence for preventing cancer is very weak.
    There are no properly conducted clinical trials to date to confirm or refute the claim in the video.Looking At populations that consume a significant quantity of coconut oil on a daily basis ( Pacific Islanders and Sri Lankans) ,I have yet to see a significant reduction in Colorectal cancer in these populations. We see quite a lot of Pacific Islanders and the incidence of Colorectal cancer in,Samoans is high and their diet is rich in coconut milk.I do not have information about the incidence in the Sri Lankan villagers whose staple diet consists mainly of coconut products. If anyone has please share.!
    More importantly,Coconut milk and oil does make our curries tastier and as Seelan says,Arrack gave us spiritual enhancement during our medical school days.Still, a double distilled Mendis is as good as any.!
    There is nothing more satisfying than freshly cooked rice with a parippu curry topped with Pol Sambol.
    Any one disagrees.!! Eddie.


  7. Freshly cooked parippu & Pol sambal & white or kekulu rice

    Absolutely my Greatest delight, to beat it, there’s none

    As mentioned ‘Pol’ freshly scraped with few slices of onion

    Do not need to look else where, Ariya wii be firmly hooked


  8. Absolutely true Eddie,

    Freshly cooked parippu, Pol sambal on white or kekulu rice

    Absolutely the Greatest delight, to beat it, there’s none

    As mentioned ‘Pol’ freshly scraped with few slices of onion

    Do not need to look else where, Ariya wii be firmly hooked!!!


    1. There is new research that is coming out about the beneficial effects of coconut oil. At the outset thanks Rani for posting the information and creating the debate.

      Thanks Eddie for the scientific information.

      The ketones that are produced after the break down of coconut oil in the liver , apparently crosses the blood brain barrier and prevents Alzheimer s disease. Please read the articles on it – Google . I take virgin coconut oil for that reason.



  9. The apoptosis video was posted, as you know ,Induction of Apoptosis by the medium chained fatty acids Lauricacid in colon cancer cells is due to to induction of oxidative stress.

    Yes Eddie in 2017 I believe research was done in Vivo to show the effects of Laurie acid on cancer cells

    Yes Nissantha. AD popularly known as “Type 3 Diabetes”the earliest abnormalities preceding the onset of Cognitive impairment , include impairment of Glucose utilisation and energy metabolism.As you know AD show many pathological features including Insulin resistance . T2DM combination with AD and cognitive impairment begin by reducing brain insulin uptake and increase oxidative stress apoptosis amyloid aggregates. Therefore the ketones a by product of coconut oil,in the liver is a form of energy in the absence sugar utilisations in the brain due to insulin resistance.


  10. Use of Medium chained Fatty acids in Infant Formulas, and MCFA in Parenteral Nutrition? Can the Paediatricians and Physcians comment on this please.


  11. A query for the Physicians
    ,if MDFA in coconut oil are broken off from the triglycerides,without the need of bileacids, . They are shuttled directly to the liver., through the Portal artery,without the use of chylomicrons.If so my query is how does it lead to CAD?

    . Only large meals with large amounts of Laurie acid ,some of the MCF Trvel via chylomicrons through the lymph channels- blood -lipoprotein and deposited as cholesterol plaques?

    Sports medicine Specialist, can you please explain why the MCFA are included in Sports drink?


  12. This is getting too HOT !! Biochemistry is being fired from every corner !!! Challenges are being directed at the challengers !!!! I better keep out of it & let the Physicians, Pediatricians & the Sports Physicians to respond.

    I was going to switch to Pol Arrack from Chivas and say good bye to all the diseases, but now, I will wait for the conclusion from the experts


  13. iPad. Eddie I hope the statistics will be useful
    Colon and Rectum Cancer in Sri Lanka
    Statistics on Overall Impact and Specific Effect on Demographic Groups
    annual mortality rate (per 100,000 people)
    annual years of healthy life lost (per 100,000 people)
    change in annual years of healthy life lost (since 1990)


  14. Thanks Rani,These figures do not make sense to me.What I was looking for is evidence across populations that consume coconut products on a regular basis(island nations with predominant coconut cultivations) versus others of similar demographic but relatively impoverished.One cannot compare cancer incidence with first world western countries,which consume larger amounts of red meat and other carcinogens in their diet.Perhaps there is yet no population statistic available regarding this.In time we should get a better insight into the claims of health benefit of coconut products.Eddie.


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