Obstetrics curiosities – Ariya

The Youngest Mother ever recorded
Lina Medina was delivered by Caesarean section at La Maternidad De Lama
in Peru in 1939.
She was aged 5 years and six months. The baby weighed 2700g.
Lina Medina was born in Peru in 1933 and developed secondary sex characteristics in her first year itself. By the age of eight months she has had her first menstrual periods.
Ref. E . Escorial (1939) Press. Med, 47, 1648
The youngest mother to have delivered vaginally  
She was 6 and half years old.
It is said that she was seduced by her 68 years old grand father.
The girl having reached monarchy at the age of four years. During labour umbilical cord had prolapsed and the baby had died. It weighed 3kg.

Reference  CJ Dewhurst (1963) Gynaecological disorders of Infants and children, London, Cassell. Original description by P.  Cachinsky and Jerschow (1933) Zbl. Gynak.

Ariya De Silva

6 thoughts on “Obstetrics curiosities – Ariya”

  1. Is the man this wicked?

    Cruel most animal must be the man
    To tear through a tiny child’s hymen
    Raw hunger for sex among the human
    How many in silence must be bearing



  2. Dear Ariya, I disagree with your comments because she has reach reproductive age at the age of 6 years in 1933. In the past this could be categorise as a natural event. Social law and country law could have been different at that time. Girl who has reached natural puerberty may have activated the
    Male. Animal and natural world no age restriction for reproduction.


  3. Thanks for comments, My dear Indragee,

    I am not inclined to accept your view that a six year grand daughter
    Did activate (stimulated) her sixty eight years mature grand father
    Hers was a curious case of precocious puperty as age of menarche,
    Being coming down over the years, along with puberche & thelarche

    Furthermore, I mentioned as a curiosity, as so it has been published
    You probably would have heard of Prof Dewhurst from MRCOG days
    A very reputable scholar to surface it as an unusual obstetrics case
    One can safely assume it would not have been an ordinary occurrence



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