International students to follow courses in Medicine

Dear Dr  Samarasinghe, 

International students to follow courses in Medicine


With a view to internationalise Medical Education in Sri Lanka a 5% fee levying foreign students are recruited as per new UGC regulations.


The tuition fees for the medical education programme is USD 62,500/00


The closing date for applications is 5th April 2018


Details are in the annexed documents


If you know of any prospective foreign passport holders who would like to study in Colombo Medical Faculty in Sri Lanka, Please spread this message.

Thank you and kind regards


Professor Jennifer Prrera




2 thoughts on “International students to follow courses in Medicine”

  1. Hi,

    It is an excellent idea but have to compete with other established medical educators for foreign students in other parts of the world especially for students who have missed out entrance to their local medical schools & the parent can afford the expenses. Examples include Manipal in India & Dublin. These institutions have already established their name but parents have to be prepared to pay the bill.

    Second point to note is that the degree they obtain should be acceptable in the country where they are going to practise or at least acceptable to sit for some exam to practice in their country. Manipal & Dublin graduates are accepted in certain countries including Malaysia & also in Australia after passing the local AMC exam.

    Graduates from Ceylon had good name in many countries before 1972 when the name changed to Sri Lanka & there was change in the medium of instruction which resulted in the non-recognition. Many Ceylon graduates were Professors & lecturers in Malaysia & Singapore and their students themselves did very well. Even in the UK & USA, Ceylon graduates were & are still very well respected.

    I am glad that the current Faculty of Medicine in Sri Lanka is doing a good job producing excellent doctors & wish them well to regain the high international recognition enjoyed in the past..

    Including foreign students in the Uni is a good start to spread the news & prove that our faculty is still one of the BEST.

    Fees-wise, I think that Manipal in India charges about US$ 250,000 (approx.) for the 5 yr course. There may be a booking fee. Dublin may cost more esp cost of living. We can always investigate this & charge a cheaper fee, once the name is established.

    That’s my 2 cents worth



  2. It is encouraging news to know that UCG is publicly declaring internationalization, a key component of future success.
    I have not seen the international prospectus,or admission pre requisites. I trust it should stress the
    global perspective of the UCG, and highlight the extensive services offered to students coming from orientation, housing facility. Language, councelors,.
    To tap the Chinese market . The way to proceed is to publish the prospectus in Chinese.
    I feel that web communication is becoming a thing of the past Bill board advertising in those countries is another option?

    Sam if you feel my suggestions are plausible, please pass it on.


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