7 thoughts on “Gravity is Overrated”

  1. Very Frightening for people like me but not for those who glide.
    Abou25 KM(15miles) south of my house, there is a place called Stanwell Tops where people jump off the cliff & Hang glide over the sea & land. They have a school to teach Hang gliding. I can only watch!! There have been few accidents & deaths!!!
    The guy in the video is fantastic but taking so much of risk.
    Hang gliding, Para gliding, Para sailing, Kite sailing, wind surfing are common around our area, but not for me – I want to live longer.


  2. Thanks Sam.Beautifully filmed thanks to the daredevils.As Seelan said it is a dangerous business but some young ones enjoy the adrenal rush and often end up with injuries.


  3. Thanks Sam for posting this death defying- Niall biting- heart rate racing-adrenalrush activities.

    May I add a few more sophisticated adrenal rush activities to Seelan’s list .”Para motoring,a
    Which is affordable and easy to learn ,and experiencing weightlessness in a Zero gravity flight


  4. Thanks

    Man’s struggle to overcome gravity

    Defying gravitational pull has been the pet aim of man
    Wright brothers pedal power, gave birth to aeroplane
    Richard Branson tests his antics using a hot air ballon
    Your examples, Sam too illustrate man’s desire to win


    1. What a thrill ride. Beautifully done , fantastic photography. Thanks for posting it Sam. A ride in a hot air balloon is the closest I have come to the ride in the video. That was fun and no adrenal rush at all. Nonetheless a thrilling ride.



  5. Thanks Sam for sending this vidio showing ways t control gravity. I think that we have to learn more from the birds flying techniques.


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