8 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment”

  1. Thank you Sam, for the lovely Good Morning Cheer with my morning coffee .

    God only knows we all need Good Cheer- even while watching that spectacular Sedona Sunrise over the Red Rocks !
    Love the way the orchestra started with the” Mexican Merrigo Round ” and went on to the Baila Rythm — total fusion of two cultures !

    Corrine Almeida- great lady and loved her singing voice, and the lovely dress- that I thought for a moment was a sari !

    Great Entertainment – keep it up everybody and be ready for Beruwala- Oct 2018 RU — for the ? Last Hurrah perhaps !



  2. Thank you Sam.Nostalgic music ,the group is very talented .The bouncy rhythm of the bongos and maracas together with the guitar and violin is melodious.As written before that “many a truth is said in jest,”,here it is set to music.Encore!


  3. To wake up from slumber to twist and move lethargic joints
    Thanks Sam, the ideal recipe for all of us, septuagenarians
    The beat is wonderful and brings back all fond memories
    Though my mind is willing, flesh is yelling with rude noises


    1. ‘Hadissikama’ Indragee, you just mentioned
      Is the drive keeping aging minds interested
      Unlike younger days, time isn’t on our side
      So septuagenaruans do rush before the tide


  4. Thanks Sam . Enjoyed it very much. Coreen A seems to be direct descendant of the Portuguese portraying that music. Probably Ranjit A is an indirect Sinhala descendant!


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