Batch’64 Obstetricians-Ariya



A tribute to entry batch ’64 Obstetricians

In the four corners of world, thousands of babies are born
Many Obstetricians, attending are of Sri Lankan origin
The tribute below is for a special group of our skilled mates
The healers par excellence, from the ’64 entry batch, renown
Lankan doctors are a special clan
Right on time as sent by a force divine
They appear on the scene
Deliver the precious baby and relieve pain
Our mates loving care and the tender touch
To the mum and baby is meant so much
Hubby and the rest  on the corridor waiting
Their anxieties gone as the ‘Doc’ is at hand
‘Congratulations you got a beautiful baby’
With a smile, tell the mum & the anxious daddy
You are not bent to earn too much money
Always the motive is to deliver normally 
To you there’s no difference whether day or night
Sharp on time arrive with a benevolent heart
A saviour you are the nation should bow
The Obstetrician a ministering angel thou!
Ariya 1

20 thoughts on “Batch’64 Obstetricians-Ariya”

  1. Thanks Ariya.
    I remember one who taught them all
    When doing VEs he had a ball;
    So even on hospital corridors walking
    He had two fingers forward pointing!


    1. My dear Narme,

      Thank you for taking me back to good old, Kurunegala days
      My then boss, Dr Jinatissa Herat’s two fingers were famous
      His friendly other consultant colleagues teased him always
      Even in sleep his right index & middle fingers were held up



      1. I remember Dr Herat very well. He used to be a chain smoker of dual category during ward rounds, Pipe and Cigarettes!


  2. Thanks Ariya for your presentation on contributions made by Obstetricians of the batch. I being an Obstetric Anaesthetist I work alongside them everyday and they do a wonderful job . Once an Obstetrician told me that they can do their job most of the time without us, Anaesthetists, but when we need you, we need you in a flash !

    Srilankas health services can be proud of their achievements in reducing the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) to 32 per 100,000 live births (best figures in Asia I believe) while even the closest ,more developed neighbour, India stands at 174. Field midwifery services in Srilanka deserves a lot more credit than they get.

    I find it rather interesting that most developed countries have been able to decrease their MMR to single figures while USA surprisingly showing an upward trend over the last decade or so !


  3. My dear Abey,

    Now that you mentioned about Obstetric Anaesthetics

    I do remember you were a registrar in a UK hospital at Watford

    During the days when epidurals were introduced for Obstetrics

    You taught me the technique while I was doing an Obs. house job

    At that stage and even now am greatly impressed by your skill

    Learning it from a master, to an Obstetric bloke was a great thrill

    There is a fortunate story behind that to all batch mates must tell

    My boss Mr Tipton pioneered Obs. use UK, anaesthesia epidural

    As it was a new concept to widen the knowledge and reduce fears

    Among the public, especially for expectant mothers & their hubbies

    An informative programme was launched by BBC television, News

    Aptly supported by our Obstetric dept as a pioneer by my then boss

    Patient consented News crew recording introduction was given

    Appealed for a volunteer as agreed Dr became nervous & ‘frozen’

    ‘Narigama kolla’ from Abey, already has had a thorough training

    Performed a mock epidural via the ‘TV camera’ to the British nation

    In the United Kingdom everyone did witness in evening news

    A Sri Lankan demolished fears of the masses over epidural Obs.

    Thanks to Abey for a brief second or two, I too became ‘ famous’

    Of course my boss, the Obstetric team Watford got major honours

    Ariya’ s pleasant memories


  4. Hi Ariya, I am told that the mark of a good obstetrician is “ masterly inactivity”. quote is from Practical Obstetrics by Ian Donald.I am pretty sure that times have changed and the mother ( patient) , calls the shots and also in the hands of the LMC( midwife).I worked under an Obstetrician who used mega doses of Synto in the late sixties and delivered babies at times requested by the parents to produce good horoscopes.!! Clinically he was ahead of the times but equally his assessments were perfect.A memorable obstetrician in deed.Eddie.


    1. My dear Eddie,
      None of the stories connected to horoscopes
      Got anything to do with ’64 Obstetrics mates
      They all had been upright, committed healers
      Set good examples to follow to other doctors


  5. My 2 cents worth:- I did O&G at the Wellington hospital as a House-man for 4 months. As a houseman I was expected to be the ist to run from the quartes in the nights & deliver the baby, but most of the time, before I could reach the labour room, the mid-wife has already delivered the baby !!! sometimes, even the episiotomy!! I will be there on time to to stich it up . Registrar comes later if needed. Obstetrician may visit if there are any problems – otherwise he will have a good sleep. (My O&G mates:- No offence please)


    1. Thanks my dear Seelan

      Your two cents in my book is worth a million
      I am sure many mates are enjoying your writing
      The proof of the pudding is in eating
      Not sure why some are only reading but not writing


  6. Ariya,

    God Bless You for singing the praise of Obstetricians!!!. Rest of these folks don’t know what a hard life we lead!!, how much we get battered, in spite of good work. Comments of Eddie, Abey, Seelan, Sam & Narme are great. Thank you for keeping our “Flag Flying!”.



  7. Ariya,

    Ob/ Gyn guys from our batch are: Anaimugam, Almeda Indrajee Amare, Ariya , Cletus Fernando, Wimal Fernando, Bunty Kurukulasuriya, Rahulatharan, Mahilal Ratnapala , I might be missing a few guys. Not bad!!.



    1. In my old age the eyes failing for that sorry
      Wimal included in list Bunty, our late buddy
      Errors or no errors, need is to share the curry
      So dear pals we love to here everyone’s story


  8. George and Soma to my memory too did post grad. in O & G
    Later opted and developed a good career in general practice
    Rajesh I have a vague memory Deepthie will correct me this
    Common mates we need help please join & complete the list


  9. My dear Eddie,

    I wrote about Obstetricians from the ’64 entry batch
    Sure none of them guilty of the crimes, to you latch
    They followed Obstetrics rule book, up to the letter
    Join me in earnest applaud work of your mates


  10. Thanks Ariya.The comment was not a slur on any obstetrician or any of our colleagues.I was just commenting on the practice and the part Obstetricians played in society and in the life of the patient.I had great respect for the consultant as he had excellent clinical skills.Obstetricians are special as they take care of two persons each time.( mother and child),and sometimes more!!.Twins,and many more rarely.Eddie.


  11. Dear Indragee,

    Thank you for reminding, Lakshman the Obstetrician
    Whose contributions to Lanka makes him a great man
    Still working, non-stop to uplift country’s down trodden
    He is the pride of our batch, and the boon for the nation



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