18 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Kumaraswamy!”

  1. Our dear Kum,

    Send you our best wishes, for a wonderful birthday

    Hope you will have with Leela and kids, a fabulous day

    May you be blessed with good health and contentment

    To continue your majestic joyful life, stress free, all the way

    Ariya and Thavam


  2. Dear Kum, the pioneer of our Reunion<
    Many happy returns of the day & hope God grants you many more birth days & good health. I always remember you as one of my batch mates who met my wife long before I saw her personally !
    Best wishes from Seelan & Jean


  3. Hello Kum,

    Many happy returns of the day ,to you ,my dear friend. We think of the great times we had with you & Leela in England, when we visited you. You two took great care & trouble in putting our whole family with you about 6-7 days!!. Our kids, even though they were very small when we saw you, talk about Uncle Kum & Dear Aunty Leela.
    Have a good life & great future, my friend. Proud to call you my BATCHMATE!!!.



    1. Hello Kum

      It gives me great pleasure to wish you a wonderful birthday.

      This reminds me of wonderful times with you during medical school days and at Worrington at the first reunion

      spearheaded by you yourself with great sacrifice of time and energy.We are indeed very grateful to you.

      Wishing you ,Leela and family great times ahead.

      Your Good Friend,



      1. Hi Kum – Piching joins me in sending our best wishes to you on your birthday. All the best now and years to come.

        You really spear headed our reunions when you almost single handedly organized the reunion in Warrington , UK. We remember the wonderful times we had there and at the subsequent reunions..

        Best wishes to you and all your loved ones.

        Piching and Nisantha Banda


  4. Dear Kum,
    Wish you a very happy birthday. I wish you what one can wish as only the very best to a very dear friend who has been so close to me and Daya for so many years. Have a great day with Leela and the rest of the family.


  5. Happy Birthday Kum. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Hope you and your family are doing well “Down Under” . Yes, you are the pioneer of our RUs. Warrington was great.Thank to you and Leela. Cannot forget the wonderful post RU excursion you took us and the Aruls, Blak pool area. Hope to see you at the next RU at Beruwela with your bow tie and all! Unfortunately the political situation there appears to have a dampening effect on the enthusiasm. Hope it’s all fine then.


  6. My dear Kum, My very good friend,
    I would like to wish you many happy returns for 21st, and wish you and Leela long life and prosperity in the days to come.
    We hope to pay you both a visit post Easter holidays if you are in Mildura.
    all the very best for today.


  7. many happy returns on your bday, your tireless efforts and original ideas were a trail blazer , best wishes


  8. Many happy returns of the day, dear Kum. You are a pioneer of RUs organizing our 21st anniversary RU almost single handedly and collecting funds for the Sri Lankan remnants to have an RU in Colombo. Wish you good health and contentment in the years to come.


  9. Dear Kum

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday . Still remember the effort you put in to bring Us all together in 1988 in Warrington. Hope you and your family are well. Since you left Raynes and Vera too left Warrington and they are in Milton Keynes now.
    Wish you many more happy years good health and a happy retirement
    Best wishes


  10. My dear Kum

    My wife Ranjini is joining me in wishing you a very happy belated birthday. We think of the great times we had with you and Leela when you visited Alice Springs.



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