4 thoughts on “An interesting presentation”

  1. Dear Ariya

    To my understanding,the contents of the presentation was a form of interpretation of the path of “Dhamma” I follow as a Buddhist .

    In a Nutshell my interpretation is When the six senses, eye-seeing, ear- hearing, nose – smell,mind – tongue- taste, body -touch, mind – mind objects, these perceptions ,identifications, when separated from your mind or ( consciousness). One Attains “Nirvana” nothing ness
    Self or oneself is then only a Mirage or a Hallucination?


  2. Dear Simone

    Many thanks for your response to a hard question

    Anil Seth a well respected scientist on behaviour of brain

    Many clever brains are focusing on the consciousness

    This probably is the final frontier scientists have to grasp



  3. Ariya, Thanks for this post.A superlative explanation of ourselves,our experiences on earth and death when it finally comes.We seldom put ourselves in the shoes of those who cannot make sense of all these, ie the mentally ill and those with impaired cognition.We do not know, what they feel.?
    As doctors we parade through all these mixed emotions unwittingly and more like a “ bull in a china shop”!!The psychiatrists, more in deep water than the others who deal with symptoms trigggered by interoception.
    Much like the whole genome project, the Whole brain project is underway and soon we will get to know more about our brains.( at least the connections).
    Out of all these perceptions,the single most important attribute for a doctor is empathy.This is the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of another ( our patient).Without it , we are only half as good as doctors.At the end of the day, without empathy,it is impossible to deal with the problems in the life of others, as we very seldom cure and more often comfort others in their troubled lives.Eddie.


  4. Thank you Simone and Eddie for the responses

    An area quite hard to fathom, is consciousness

    Everyone recognises as ‘self’ very early in lives

    It is also complicated by the religious connotations



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