11 thoughts on “Mixed races!”

  1. Dear Eddie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the video clip especially the ones he mentions the various races you get by mixing. Especially the halapenos and the goofies. Cheers. Praxy


  2. you are absolutely right Prsxy Halapino I mistook for a chillie
    Till corrected by my wife that the hot spicy plant is Jalapino
    Excellent presentation and hillerious thoroughly enjoyed it
    Thank you Eddie for yet another clean and brilliant presentation


  3. Thanks Eddie, enjoyed listening to the hilarious video clip.

    Excellent Humour

    Other side of the coin ?

    My humble view is ,what matters most due to mixing of Races is not the colour of the skin “beige ” or the by product, “”Halapenos”
    But the mixing and assimilation of cultural elements that matters?.


  4. Very true : mixing white, black, yellow & brown people as well as mixing people from various countries might solve the colour/race problem in the world, but can you mix languages & religion – That’s the problem in countries like SriLanka where the colour is not the problem – (all races have various shades of skin colour in SL )


  5. Thanks Eddie, I really enjoyed watching the vidio. There are different colours and physical variances in the animal would as well. So that we need is change in the human mind to live in harmony.


  6. Goofies, Freakies, Hollapenos , Hindjus , —

    What a Wonderful World !!!
    Love it and Live it –
    I am Beige !

    Religion – I dont know much about this, as I really dont have a religion, neither do my kids — we just believe in Good People to do The Good Thing along a Good Road .

    Thanks Eddie for this hilarious , yet very serious issue beneath the jokes, that is going on in the world today .



    1. Thanks Eddie facts of life put in a hilarious way. I think we are already partly mixed. If we analyze our DNA we would have all kids of mixed genes.



  7. Thanks so much Eddie for that hilarious clip. Enjoyed it thoroughly. PRAXY missed the Frnchese! Are you too late to produce Sri Zealanders or someone else Chilankans?


  8. Thanks Narme.It is a bit too late for me to add to the racial mix.However my sons are contributing to the cause with a few New Zeal Lankans.!! But we need more Mos Ta Sings in our island paradise.


  9. Dear friends,

    For mixing of genes on racial lineage

    Our two boys, Sinhala & Tamil parentage

    Elder one married a Thai and has three daughters

    Younger one just married a beautiful lass, Chinese

    Ariya and Thavamani


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