19 thoughts on “What a wonderful world.”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Eddie. What beautiful pictures making a wonderful world. Reminds me of Heber’s hymn: Where every prospect pleases and only man is wild.


  2. Thanks Eddie,

    What a wonderful world we live

    What a wonderful post you’ve sent

    What a wonderful thing you chose to join us

    And what a wonderful website Sam has given us

    What a wonderful batch we are

    There is no match to it anywhere

    What a wonderful effort to keep the web going

    It is not late my reluctant mates please do join in



  3. Thanks Eddie for posting this video, showing and telling us to focus on the happier side of life,instead of the pain and turmoil surrounding it.
    There is always chance for improvement and goodwill,?


  4. Thanks Ariya for your contribution in prose in your own inimitable style.Your call for others to join in is also timely.Would it not be lovely if all of us are engaged, contributing and discussing.There is so much to say and very little time left.Make the best use of this conversation room that Sam has provided for all of us..Thank you Sam. You are doing a great job keeping all of us engaged.Eddie.


  5. Please join the ‘Class of 64 Mardi Gras’

    Each batch mate must have a tale to tell

    Unique indeed with the potential to thrill

    As Eddie rightly said, our time is ticking

    The biological clock, for no one is slowing

    Must come forward, your story must be told

    Otherwise will be a loss to us and the world



  6. Dear Eddie
    Just got back from a short trip to Sri Lanka and Melbourne and am
    going through the various posts in the blog.
    It is wonderful to see the way the song Wonderful world is expressed by David Attenborough. Pictures are amazing. 🙏 Thank you Eddie for sharing it with us. Praxy


  7. Thanks Praxy. Yes, I knew that you were travelling.Hope you enjoyed your trip, although your stay in S.L may have been unpleasant with what was going on there.! Now that you are home, welcome home and to the chat room. Eddie.


  8. What a Wonderful Class of 64 !!

    What a Wonderful World indeed – beautifully narrated in the most comforting voice of David Attenborough .

    Lovely post Eddie- and it makes one want to wake up every morning and see the sunrise and be able to put one foot in front of the other and keep going, before the clock stops ticking !

    Lovely appreciative comments by all- Love reading through them.

    We are All Wonderful People in Our Own Way ..


  9. Thanks Indragee.Yes, It is filmed in vivid 4HD.The accompanying words by David Attenborough are from a favourite song from the 50s.It was made popular by Louis Armstrong.You can watch it on YouTube.”It is a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong.Eddie.


  10. We just came back from Malaysia. I just saw Eddie’s posting. My Brother-in-law from Penang can imitate the voice of Louis Armstrong & sing most of his favorites – What a wonderful word is the best.
    The video clip posted by Eddie is fascinating. I must ask my BIL to see this


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