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  1. Thanks Dharma and Sam. A beautiful collection. Sam your photography is super.The Anthurium almost comes to life.Dharma, your collection has the addition of sound to enhance the experience.The music is memorable and the soprano and the tenor are exquisite.I do not know the meaning of the words as it is in Italian. I think the music is an Aria from the opera ? Rigoletto.Please correct me if I am wrong.You both are exceptional photographers.Share your work so we may enjoy. Eddie.


  2. Dear Sam and Dharma
    Greetings from Melbourne👋👋👋
    Thank you for the wonderful collection of Orchids. They are very pretty and I love them.Cheers. Praxy


  3. Thank you Dharma for sharing the beautiful collection of orchids. Even at the Chelse flower show I have not come across such a wide variety of orchids. Good for you.


  4. Thanks Dharma for posting the musical clip of collection of Orchids.

    Sam the two impressive ,beautiful photos posted , I trust using a “telephoto” lens to eliminate the foreground and back ground effect is excellent, you have given a chance to the batch mates to focus the attention only on the flowers and it’s details.

    I would like to share some interesting details about Orchids gathered from Google

    Orchids in Latin mean ” Orchis -Testicles”

    Orchids symbolises ,love, beauty, fertility, Refinement, Thoughtfulness

    Orchid “The Matrepiece of Nature”with the unique mirror image shape,and beautiful patterns on the
    petals, are a means to engage in “trickery” sexual deception to lure bees and insects as pollinators to
    reward them as they do not produce nectar.

    Orchids produce flowers that smell like foods ,food deception, and others the petals resemble female
    bees , to lure male bees, or some petals to mimic male bees or wasps.,sexual deception to attract pollinators

    As you know most Orchids are Hermophrodite, a few are male or female flowers

    Beveraages made from orchids are Vanilla orchid made with chocolate ,Sahlap,and Boza


    1. Thanks Rani for that interesting information about Orchids. Didn’t realize that Orchids have a food connection.


  5. Thank you Rani for the lovely video on the Cactus flowers – done in ‘time lapse’ mode to see the flowers open .
    I was at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens , a few years back, and to see the Desert Bloom with the cactus flowers in early April- is a real treat in real life .
    I could not get my eyes off , of some of the cactus blooms .
    Yes- the thorny bush gives the most exotic blooms .

    Thanks Dharma for the Orchid video and Rani for the ‘Orchid 101 Lesson ‘ !
    Sam- for your award winning photos , and above all – for the wonderful work you are doing keeping the Class of 64 ‘together ‘ so to speak .

    I have had NO luck with orchids at home as my home is too dry in the winter with the central heating and I turn the thermostat down, for 8 wks , when I am in Arizona for the winter- like it is now .
    So, this temp humidity fluctuation is not the best for growing orchids at home .
    My Indoor Plants go into a state of ‘hibernation ‘ for 8 wks , so to speak .

    I am more of a Perennial Outdoor Gardener – feeding them with my own home made, organic compost , and it is a real show piece during the blooming season and was selected for Garden Tours twice , in the past 10 yrs .
    Now, I just garden for my self – and not for ‘show ‘ !
    Praxy knows all about my garden and the work that goes with it, and the fun I get puttering around the garden , and I do 90 % of the work my self .
    My son comes twice a year, ( summer and fall ) to help with shrub pruning , and to turn/ bag the compost .

    Take a peek at the Blog Posts ” Gardening in Four Seasons in Canada ” – in previous posts- when we had the Gardening Series going last year .

    Thanks to every one – eagled


  6. Thank you Rani for the Cactus flower show.The accompanying song reminds me of the sixties.All for the love of a girl sung while cactus flowers are blooming, !!.An interesting association.!


    1. Eddie- this song ‘ All for the Love of a Girl ‘ — was it Jim Reeves who sang it , ? as I do recall playing this haunting melody on the piano .
      You seem to know a lot more about old songs – for I never really associated you with songs and music back when we were in med school .

      Rani–thanks again- Lovely video and lovely song to go with it as Eddie says — Love That is Blooming (!! ) — like the Hindi movie video he posted a few wks ago

      Wow- getting romantic in our old age !!!
      eagledlover .


  7. Deepthie, As far as I can remember, this song was sung by many including Jim Reeves.But, I remember the version by Johnny Horton, the one who also sang North to Alaska.No, I am not getting romantic.I just appreciate a good song(lyrics) and a good singer.The old songs give meaning unlike the current ones without words but innuendo!My mention of the association of the song with the cactus bloom was different.The prickly thorns on the cactus are a reminder that love ( the beautiful flower) also hurts.!!Now don’t call me a romantic but is it not true.?


    1. Hi Eddie ,
      If there is any one who knows the Prickly Thorns of Love- it is me !!!!
      I stay away from it all- how ever beautiful it may be .

      Yes- the old songs have such beautiful and meaningful words- as beautiful as the flowers .
      No comparison to what I hear now- thank god I am a bit hard of hearing !!

      I did look up google after I wrote to you – yes- it is Johnny Horton- and I love ‘North To Alaska — Northern lights are shinning bright in the land of the mid night sun ,,,’ !– when I sang it to my self, all the way from Prince Rupert ( BC) to Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway- regular ferry – some 11 yrs ago , when did that trip and saw the mid night sun .
      I see the Northern Lights from where I live – ( see one of my posts from last year ).

      Love the conversation — to where it takes us from – Orchids, Cactus , Love Blooming, , to all the way Up North To Alaska with the Northern Lights in the Land of The Midnight Sun !

      Thanks for joining the Web Family– love your writing !
      eagledflowerchild !!


      1. Thanks Deepthie.You do make the chat room come alive.The stories that you tell are clearly trips down memory lane.I only hope it will inspire the rest of us in the batch to join in our conversations.Our chats should be as if we were in our living rooms and then time and distance melt away.More the merrier.


    1. Sorry Simone, I have not seen your response too..Perhaps , Sam will be able to help.Would love to hear your views.I hope you do get my comments to your posts.Praxy too did mention that some of her responses were not posted.!


      1. The white orchid pictured above, – we used to call it The Angel Orchid .

        We had it in our home at Hendala where I spent the last 20 yrs of my life , before I left the country in 1972 .

        It was grown inside coconut husks tied together to make a pot and it was attached to a tree .
        Being an Epiphyte it would attach it self to the host tree , for support and feed via its aerial roots for moisture .

        We had a few plants and yes, it did bloom around Easter Time and it had the most delicate fragrance .

        There was this house near the Palliyawatte Church- that we attended ( more so during Lent- Easter time- like now ) , and when ever we walked by that house the fragrance was lovely, as that home garden had many , many Angel Orchid plants tied to almost all the trees in that yard .

        I can almost ‘ see ‘ it now, and ” smell that fragrance ” even as I am writing this .

        Strange– how sight and smell can trigger a long buried memory ….

        Thanks to all for the memory of The Angel Orchid –

        eagleflowerchild !


  8. Only option is I send the comments to you , if that’s ok, so that you could post it. Sometimes I follow the same procedure and send the comments to Sam to post it on the blog txs


    1. Rani
      You are using two Email addresses triggering WordPress to reject posting. If you use the address on record with WordPress it should work. I can send the correct one to you by email if you wish


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