‘I might be quadriplegic, but I’m your doctor’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

‘I might be quadriplegic, but I’m your doctor’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Shared by Wasantha Gunasekera through Ariya



Introduced by Queensland Ambulance Service Medical Director Dr Stephen Rashford

When medical student Dinesh Palipana was left a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident, he was told he would never become a doctor.

Unable to feel anything in his arms and legs, he knew as a third year medical student that his spine had been damaged and his life had changed forever.

Not even his best friends thought he would be able to finish medical school.

Eight years later, he’s one of the top young medicos working in busy Gold Coast University Hospital.

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6 thoughts on “‘I might be quadriplegic, but I’m your doctor’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)”

  1. Thanks Sam for this post. I saw this aired on our T.V a few weeks back and was struck by the strength of character of this young man and the troubles that he has gone through to complete his medical education.His is a true reflection of the indomitable human spirit.NEVER GIVE UP.I think he is now involved in research with BCIS. “Brain computer interface systems” , which bypass the damaged nerve tracts in the spine and form communications from the brain direct to the motor groups in the affected area.I hope that this man will excel in this pioneering field.We should all be proud of him, as he is what we all expect from a Sri Lankan.Don’t we ?


  2. Thank you Sam for the post and Eddie for your comments .

    A friend of mine from SL sent me this a few days ago and I read it and I had no doubts that the story of Dr Dinesh Palipana would make it to the News and Views Post .

    I wish this brave young man ALL the Best in his career and many Blessing to his equally brave and courageous mother, who had sooo much faith in her son and was there for him, in his Journey Into Medicine .

    I hope Aus and NZ would reconsider ” Merit and NOT Disability “when selecting students/ Dr for the Practice of Medicine.
    What about great people like Stephen Hawkins — ??
    Wake up call to the medical establishments of Aus and NZ —- Learn the Lesson from Dr Hawkins .

    eaglemd .


  3. Dear Wasantha & Sam, many thanks

    This is a wonderful example on two counts

    Firstly disability isn’t due to what one lacks

    Determination and drive make up for all that

    Secondly under value what we got, till it is lost



  4. It is an inspiration to those of us who are fortunate to have full faculties to make best use of it to help others before we depart.


  5. Yes I have stopped whinging about some residual post polio deformities and the loss of my right median nerve & ulna artery ! I still can catheterize with the help of hypersensitive ring & little fingers, even better than others !!!Thank God.


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