26 thoughts on “It’s all about Golf!”

  1. Congratulations to Sam & Asokan.
    I like the photo at the 19th hole but it’s no good for the teetotaller Asokan.
    Are you both thinking of growing beard to look like & play like the Guru ? – Guru Sam & Guru Asokan
    Narme, start growing a beard- soon you will be a Golfer- Guru Name.
    I will join you all at the 19th hole


  2. PS:
    I am now in Malaysia where there are golf clubs everywhere. Bugger the 18 holes – I am enjoying the 19th hole


    1. My dear Seelan,

      Like to know a bit more about the ‘Nineteenth hole’

      Do you use a traditional stick or anything else special?

      Question comes from a guy, shorter than a golf stick

      Is there a vacancy for a ‘caddie’ in your exciting park



  3. Good Morning from Sedona, Arizona to the Class of 64 Family of News and Views Bloggers !

    Thank you Narme for the very timely Lessons of Life. Meditation and Golf .

    Sam and Asokan – Congradulations to you both for a game well played and won .

    I learned many things from the Great Golf Guru this morning –
    Now I know, where Sam gets his sense of purpose, determination for the job he sooo well does on the Web– he gets it from GOLF !!!

    When you come to think of it- all the golfers in our class have been real special so called ‘ high achievers ‘ — Sam, Asokan and Ananda to name the few I know of .

    It was interesting to know that the youthful Tiger Woods was the product of the determination of his parents – specially his mother of Asian origin .

    It is interesting the relationship between Meditation and any other ‘game ‘- Golf, Gardening , Art, Music , —
    “The Intensity of Involvement “-, and ‘The way you Think is the way you Breathe ‘ ” Life involves many more Games and Man does not Live By Bread Alone ‘ as the Guru says .

    I like the way he touches on Nature , Walking on Mother Earth , Breathing — all in the Game of Golf .

    I always thought that Golf was a ‘Game for the Idle Rich ‘ as I used to live next door to the very fancy Mississauga Golf Club .

    Now, I will think of Golf in a very different way –…

    Live and Learn !

    Thanks- Narme, Sam and Asokan .



    1. My dear Deepthie,

      Yes, your observation, coining high achievers and Golf, is correct

      Note a glaring omission of another golfer and achiever superclass

      Our Seelan, who is enjoying ‘nineteenth hole’ should be included

      Among the golf playing mates, then can declare as a complete list



      1. Thank you Ariya for informing me of another Golfer- aka Seelan .

        How do I know who is golfing where ? and I know next to nothing about Golf- 18th hole, 19th hole- they are all the same to me !- ( like playing Tik Bola- Jill Marble game as a kid ! )

        Sorry Seelan if I missed you on the list of Golfers of Class of 64 .

        Sam– you might as well give us a list of Golfers of Class of 64 !


      1. HI Sam !
        Thanks for the suggestion – for me to take up golf .

        I prefer to hike the canyons and play my flute — this too requires concentration — breathing , movement of body to negotiate difficult climbs, avoid falling down( to a sure death from a height ! ) .

        Hiking – is not just putting one foot in front of the other- it is about putting the foot in the right place, on the right rock, holding on to the hiking stick, and not to a cactus bush !

        Y’day I was on a hike ( Fay Canyon Hike for those who want to look up google ) up to a cave – the last 100 yards was brutal .
        There was a young lady climbing up behind me, and I asked for help -and she did so very kindly .
        She then went ahead of me , slipped her foot- and for support- clutched at a cactus bush !
        Ok- first aid on the spot- I had alcohal wipes, water, band aids etc and we patched it up for the time being .

        Then we finally reached the cave, and her boyfriend came up via another route and together they pulled out the cactus thorns to the Sound of Canyon Flute Songs !!

        The day before, I was climbing up another hike described ” Moderately Difficult- elevation change- 525 ft ” to Doe Mountain and did ok- considering everything and I had help from fellow climbers and the trade off was- when we reached the top- A Song to Doe Mountain , and the same climbing down- that is more difficult .
        On the descent- a slow descent , there was a lovely family from Pennsylvania- who I had entertained up on the mountain- to help me down !

        So, I virtually ” Sing for my Supper ‘—- Soul Songs !

        Yesterday a mate called me and said I am throwing away and wasting good education and brains hiking around, and I should get back to medicine and start work and had the same message for you golfers !!!!

        NO Thank YOU Mate !!

        eagleeagerhiker !


      2. My dear Deepthie,

        Do not be so cross with me, my good friend

        About your golfing list, I was pulling your leg

        There is no nineteenth hole, what Seelan said

        Is the drinks bar, after the game to that they rush



  4. Congratulations to Sam and Asokan.Looks like you chaps are having a great time.Golf is a great leveller.See what happened to Tiger?
    Sam you seem to be enjoying a glass of wine.Does Florida grow grapes?Are there wineries?Is that a Sauvignon Blanc? Pinot Gris? or Chardonnay.My guess is that it is. Chardonnay!( from the colour ).
    In my opinion golf is a great game especially when played in good company but unfortunately a lot of conversation does not take place while playing as the aim is always self betterment.! Have I done better?
    My take on the game is that it is all about muscle memory and to this if you add your mood and mix it with the vagaries of weather, then you have the great game of golf.
    You chaps in Florida have the right weather for year round Golf..Enjoy.
    By the way, the guru has still not got his golf swing quite right yet!


    1. Thanks Eddie. You are right it was Chardonnay. Asokan is a tee totaller. There are some winneries in Northwest and NE areas of Frlorida. Not many in South Florida. I agree with Guru if you play serious golf, it is a form of meditation and mind body interaction helps the game. Guru doesn’t have the most stylish swing, but he must get the job done considering his HCP.


  5. Well done mates,

    Congratulations to both master golfers Sam and Asokan

    You seem to have thouroughly enjoyed the golfing swing

    It is marvelous to see the enthusiasm and stamina lingering

    If you need of a caddie their is a guy who is five foot nothing



    1. Dear mates,

      In ripe old age with the acuity of eye sight waning

      and control of the old finger tip, is rapidly vanishing

      Bear with this doddery septuagenarian still fighting

      To hold on to last bits of neurones & ability for thinking

      For reasons given above errors do creep up on typing

      As an old pensioner, too poor to employ a young thing

      So no secretary or a typist, yet aims to continue till the last breath

      Is squeezed out through his noisy chest, so pals, just be tolerant



    2. See I told you Ariya- I know next to nothing about Golf-

      Now I know- that the 19th hole , is the hole, once the bottle top is removed, and The Nectar of The Gods is Revealed !!

      eagleknownothingongolf !


      1. My dear Deepthie,

        Forget about, you notbeing an expert of golf

        But the stuff you know are more than enough

        We are the lukiest batch to have you in our midst

        Thanks to your kindness so many things I’ve learnt

        There are many knowkegeables mates in the batch

        Sam enearthed some, with the magic of his website

        There must be many more friends awaiting to blossom

        Sun ray of enthusiasm, has not fallen so far for them



  6. Thanks Narme, agree with the contents.

    Congratulations to Sam and Asokan.

    I Have been a golfer sometime back when I was in NZ, therefore I can assure you. That to become

    professional golfers like Sam and Asokan , and win a game ,one must truly needs a mixture of

    physical , and mental talent ,in addition to a100% commitment.

    I am certain they will agree with me , with this quote,thatAll winners , no doubt ,share a “cocky gene”

    Iwhich help them to putt the winning hole, in a competitive game


  7. Rani
    Thanks for the comments. I would hardly call myself a professional , but enjoy the sport. You should take-up golf again


  8. Dear mates,

    Putting a ball in a hole using a stick, golf game got everything wrong, it seems

    In my younger days at ‘Narigama beach’ used to enjoy chasing, crabs into holes

    I too had a stick in hand but the game among warm sand dunes, was enthralling

    Unlike our golfing maestros, no skill needed and there were no crowds watching



  9. Dear Ariya

    Your version of putting crabs in to sand holes with a stick ,is definitely beach golf” and land golf may have derived from it?.😇


    1. Thank you Simone, for coining my beach crab chase to modern ‘golf’

      Must look it up and publish the history, giving ownership to yourself

      It certainly will be a sensational story and lucrative to Narigama too

      Even president Trump may want to put up a golf course in ‘my Timbuktoo’



  10. Hey Ariya and Rani– Remember that game we used to play as kids– with marbles ?

    Draw a Square on the sand, each player places a marble within the square , dig a hole in the middle, and push the marbles within the square with another marble and try to get it into the hole in the center .
    The one who gets the most marbles into the hole is the winner .
    We used to call it ‘ Jill marble ‘ something like that .

    I used to have a drawer full of lovely glass marbles , with lovely colors, that I won out from everyone else who played with me and lost their marbles – -I mean the nice glass ones , not the marbles in the head !!!

    I have not seen these glass marbles since I was a kid — that was a LONG time ago !

    This must have been the origin to this fancy game- aka golf — same idea- pushing a ball into a hole !



  11. Deepthie can you tell me how you plant,

    Your pretty face on your every caption slot

    Eddie & Seelan do, so does web master too

    As I would like the same please give a clue



    1. Ariya
      You can do it by creating your own Gravatar (globally recognized ID image) click below and go to gravatar site and register via wordpress and follow the steps to upload your photo. No one else can do it for you. It is completely safe and actually prevents others posting things in your name. Sam


    2. HI Ariya-

      Glad you like the pretty old face of the Septugenerian !!– photo taken in Colombo during the RU 64- 2014.

      Sam picked the photo for me and he did the trick for me while I was staying at his place in Florida a month or so ago .

      I do recall you had a picture before – you in your bright red shirt .
      What ever happened to that ?

      Good luck to you with the ‘how to’ note I see below, from the Web Master .


  12. Congratulations to Sam and Asokan. The closest I came to Golf was “Guddu” No expensive clubs. One 6 inch and another about 2-3 feet long sticks from nearby tree and a single hole about 1-2 inches deep and a length about 6 inches. Just one hole and one club. those who play it are usually “golf nuts” They do make it look simple and easy until you try it!! “It is not my cup of tea!!” I would rather chase and shoot birds not with gun or club but with a camera! dharma


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