Batchmate in the news

Evolution of Sri Lankan Science – ශ්‍රීලාංකික විද්‍යාවේ පරිණාමය – YouTube

Watch till the end, one of our batchmates is there, doing us proud.

Shared by Narme

7 thoughts on “Batchmate in the news”

  1. Thanks Narme for this very informative video.It is very professionally constituted together with striking scenery of Sri Lanka.It combines history with recent achievements of some of our distinguished scientists.Great to know that UNESCO is an active partner in all these activities.Proud to notice that our batch mate Anoja Fernando is in the UNESCO sponsored bioethics committee.Congratulations and best wishes to Anoja.


    1. Dear Eddie, Deepthi, Ariya, Rani, Indrajee and others- Thank you for your good wishes.

      I get to travel to Paris (my favourite foreign city) at least once a year and in between to some other countries, as well for committee meetings. Work is very interesting because of the multiplicity of nationalities among the IBC members, and their views on ethical issues. Only 5 are Asian.
      regards, Anoja


  2. Thanks Narme .
    Very well done video clip , and I hope the’ Powers That Be’ are watching and listening .

    Ancient and Modern Technology at its best putting Srilanka on the World Map . — specially when it comes to Irrigation technology in a world that is drying up .
    Bless our Ancestral Knowledge Keepers -, for over 2000 years .

    Congratulations to Anoja- .
    Class of 64 is honored to have you among us .
    Wish you all the Best – Deepthie .


  3. Dear Narme, Sam and Anoja,

    Thanks for sharing the video clip enhancing our pride & national prowess

    Emphasizes to the rest of the world, Sri lanka, punches well above its size

    Immensley proud of the golden heritage and sparkling acievements modern

    Congratulations to Anoja, in the world of ethics brilliant to see one of our own

    The sixty four entry, as a batch can be extremly proud and joyous of our mates

    In the mothrrland as well abroad they continue to keep our flags flying very high

    In the four corners of the world we have made indelible impacts and a difference

    In the twilight years to look lback is joyful because contributions are truly immence



  4. Dear Narme, thanks for posting this video.It is with great pleasure, and pride I grasped the contents, reflecting the evolution, adavancement, in science, technology, and innovation s fuelling the SriLankan economy.

    The fundamental importance of science and technology in both socio-economic and cultural development is now recognised and accepted the world over. Creating our common future through Science, Technology,and innovation s is the key to Srilanka ‘s future

    Dear Anoja Congratulations, we are proud of your achievements


  5. Thanks Narma for posting this video. enjoyed Anoja’s and others contributions
    Congragulations Anoja.


  6. My dear Anoja,

    You’re a precious product tremendous of the greatest batch of mother Lanka

    With high skills, knowledge and temperament, a pure gem, shining near & far

    As Sam & Deepthie say, do not let them fall on unfathomed lakes and oceans

    Bring them to batch sixty four web, we love to hear of your stunning conquests



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