Batch’64 Entertainment- Eddie

In the mood for Romance.?

This is a clip  from the film Parineeta.Watch romance romance bloom.The camera work is super, the expressions on the faces tells it all. The english subtitles give meaning to the words and the melody is haunting.I have enjoyed listening to this melody. Hope you will too.Relive old times again.



24 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment- Eddie”

  1. Thanks Sam, I need your help.Why is it that the upload site not accept URLs for uploading videos.?How do I get the video from YouTube / other source to the WordPress library? Ta. Eddie.


    1. Dont try to upload Y tube video to the media library unless it is a MP4 video. Just copy the embed code (if available) or video URL and copy and paste it on the body of the post you are creating, just like a text post. Sent you an email as well. Sam


  2. Oooooo!!
    Eddie getting romantic in his is old age ?

    ” Re- Live Old Times ”’- I have to put on my Thinking Cap for this one !

    Thanks Eddie- Typical Hindi movie- song- lovely melody, romantic words, many costume changes, many locations, but, always lovely to watch , pretty girls and handsome guys .!
    eaglelover !!


    1. Deepthie, I am interested to know whose fMRI will still light up the VTA and Caudate nucleus.
      However, I must confess that I like everything about this clip.


      1. Eddie- My medical brain is dead for all practical purposes !
        Tell me – what is VTA ?

        fMRI– is MRI with an enhancing dye ?

        I like ALL Hindi movies – love the Make Believe World — takes the pain of REAL Life to Another Realm , so to speak , and makes one carry on living in a Make Believe World , and Live in This World Happily Ever After !


      2. fMRI is functional MRI..VTA is ventral tegmental area in the mid brain.The VTA has a significant number of A10 cells which produce Dopamine.The mystery of Romantic love is related to the production of Dopamine.For an inexplicable reason ,falling in love results in the complex interaction by a network of connections from the cerebral cortex to the Caudate nucleus and the VTA resulting in the production of Dopamine.This causes the intense craving and a continuous state on “need”” and craving.The same chemical causes other addictions too.When you are in love, fMRI will light up the tegmentum,Caudate nucleus and the VTA.The is the chemical story of romantic love.Visually and acoustically it is “ Piyu Boole Piya Bhole.


  3. Hi Eddie
    Did not know that you are a Hindi movie fan. I am one, of course I need the subtitles to follow the dialogue.


    1. Thanks Selvi, Honestly, I never watch Hindi movies or any movie for that matter. But many years ago, one of house surgeon tempted me to watch Parineeta. I loved the film , especially this clip which I just found in my computer. Thought of sharing it. Hope you liked it.!


  4. Dear Eddie,

    I saw the film and enjoyed it immensley many moons ago

    Lyrics, music, role play brilliant though the couple was raw

    It is great that we live in an era of play backs & translations

    Hindi music has a universal appeal, for reminding thank you



  5. HI Eddie- Many thanks for the Neuro Lesson on how the brain functions when you are in love !
    Our Old Profs– will be pleased to know, that 50 yrs later, we are still learning Neuro !
    Who was our Neuro Prof ? was it Daya Samarasinghe ?

    I do recall , spending a whole vacation time during year 2 , dissecting a brain ( that I bought for Rs 10 from the Anatomy Block ) with Rose, and Donnie at Rose’s older sister’s place at Jawatte R, where she was staying at that time !
    We had more fun just being together than dissecting the darn brain and learning any thing –
    So much so for Brain Dissection !

    I do recall vaguely this Ventral Tegmental Area of the brain .

    Of course, we all know the Dopamine stuff .

    Perhaps you might want to test those who are Addicted to Work and just cannot ‘ call it quits ‘– who say they cannot come to the RU 2018- because they cannot get time off from work at age 74- 75– give me a break !!

    These Work A Holics ( Addicts like Alcohalics and Gamblers , ) who are unable to help them selves .

    So, are you going to test us all when we meet in Beruwala to see, how many of us will ‘light up ‘ ? !!!

    This is will be a fun project for sure !

    Thanks Eddie- for the Neuro Lesson 101 – eaglemd


    1. Deepthie, Unfortunately The fMRI has not been done on workaholics yet!.The studies to date have been done on those in love and those still pining for their lost love.Very interesting.Those who had loved and lost too still showed activity in these areas when reminded of the love.
      Regarding our times in the Anatomy block,was it all a waste of time.!!.Most Anatomy lectures and demonstrations are now done on full body MRI on large screens, the full size of anatomical dissecting Guerney.You can dissect the body from skin to marrow in every conceivable section with the touch of the screen.We do not need Burke and Hare anymore!
      Pretty cheap that you got a brain for your dissection for. Rs10.,,
      I hope you did not get other anatomical parts cheaper!
      I think we should admire our colleagues who are still working but they must mix pleasure with their work too.


      1. I think, Praxy got an ‘ Anatomical Part’ for nothing !!
        Check her hilarious story on ‘ Funny Stories ‘.

        After viewing the Story on Golf Guru by Narme this morning, I do admire our colleagues who are still working – as it must be like Golf— Intensity of Involvement – as the Guru says .

        My Apologies to All Workaholics of the Class of 64 — Keep working, Keep the game going, Keep having fun !



      2. Yes, I have heard of Praxie’s story many times.It must have been a shock to the system, especially for a good convent girl!


  6. Thanks Eddie for that most enjoyable piece. I do not know any neuro in it, but emotions soared!


      1. HI Eddie and Narme ,

        Yes- ” emotions soared ” as Narme says, after I watched the video again last night !!

        I think, now my Caudate Nuc and VTA will ‘ light up ‘ in my old age !!!!


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