Happy Easter!

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EasterEaster contemplations

Happy Easter

Hallelujah!  Let us together celebrate Easter

Jesus rose from death on a day like today

To make our lives joyous and to prop up the weak

Above all to teach the value of sacrificing for each other


My Easter pledges

Contentment and Generosity

Compassion and Forgiveness


If I had measured happiness and success in terms of assets

And exhausted my time in expanding my wealth & treasures

I’ve learnt a lesson that happiness does not lie in the riches

But on one’s generosity as the lord scarified His Life


If Compassion and forgiveness was not prominent

In my hitherto life, will be the whole mark from now onwards

However desperate the position or the encounters,

I shall have hope in the goodness of heart


Ariya De Silva

Obstetrics curiosities – Ariya

The Youngest Mother ever recorded
Lina Medina was delivered by Caesarean section at La Maternidad De Lama
in Peru in 1939.
She was aged 5 years and six months. The baby weighed 2700g.
Lina Medina was born in Peru in 1933 and developed secondary sex characteristics in her first year itself. By the age of eight months she has had her first menstrual periods.
Ref. E . Escorial (1939) Press. Med, 47, 1648
The youngest mother to have delivered vaginally  
She was 6 and half years old.
It is said that she was seduced by her 68 years old grand father.
The girl having reached monarchy at the age of four years. During labour umbilical cord had prolapsed and the baby had died. It weighed 3kg.

Reference  CJ Dewhurst (1963) Gynaecological disorders of Infants and children, London, Cassell. Original description by P.  Cachinsky and Jerschow (1933) Zbl. Gynak.

Ariya De Silva

International students to follow courses in Medicine

Dear Dr  Samarasinghe, 

International students to follow courses in Medicine


With a view to internationalise Medical Education in Sri Lanka a 5% fee levying foreign students are recruited as per new UGC regulations.


The tuition fees for the medical education programme is USD 62,500/00


The closing date for applications is 5th April 2018


Details are in the annexed documents


If you know of any prospective foreign passport holders who would like to study in Colombo Medical Faculty in Sri Lanka, Please spread this message.

Thank you and kind regards


Professor Jennifer Prrera




Story about another professor

Batch'64 Prof



A tale began in my mad, mischievous, carefree, Block days’

It was a fine afternoon, felt too good a day to get stuck in the Histology lab, A session I hated most, didn’t understand, nor knew a cell from a blob Parenchyma, fibroblast or an epithelial cell, too bizarre & looked the same Had a nice mid-day nap and came down from third floor, my room at Bloem

Table tennis table, outside the sub warden’s quarters, was quite tempting A racket on each end of the table, a ball nearby, yet no one was playing Studious mates do not cut practical sessions, their keenness, I was cursing Looking around near the ‘duck pond’, I saw a gentleman seated, relaxing

He looked serene, well healed, attired in a bow tie and a two piece beige suit Appeared bored, no one else was around, I guessed him, a parent of a student With the table tennis ball bouncing on one racket, to entice him, I approached Well, when hungry, any meat is beef, from old gent, ‘can you play TT’, I asked

To my innocent invitation, he looked utterly surprised, as well as bemused Stony silence no acceptance or denial but his piercing look got me worried I was in a dilemma over his stance my play hungry mind couldn’t comprehend Silence broken, making me uneasy, ‘shouldn’t you be at lectures’ he questioned

Because of his rather authoritative look, I did not have the courage to be impolite Yet mumbled to myself, ‘who the hell is he to tell me what to do’, I was a spoiled brat When turned back to get away from this, whom I thought, was an insignificant pest, Noticed, he getting up adjusting the trouser and on the chair, tidily placing his jacket

He caught up with me and asked, ‘so you want a partner to play table tennis’!

My flippant mouth opened, criticizing friends’ keenness to attend practical classes

Laughingly ‘told this old gent, ‘I think they all are competing to become professors,

Life is for enjoyment, I am still young and have no hesitation to cut a few sessions’

So we got on with the game I love, and to my surprise, found he wasn’t a pushover!

I won the two sets played, thanks to agility, flexibility & stamina, being much younger

He was appreciative saying, ‘you give a good game’ yet like a father saying to a naughty nipper

Told me, ‘young man do not let playfulness ruin your studies, if you want to have a bright future’

I saw from the corner of my eyes when I was playing Table Tennis

Few seniors who were looking cagily while passing to their rooms

Noticed Dr Kularatne our Sub warden on return was very respectful

To this decent looking gentleman whom I beat squarely in table tennis


Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.49.49 PM

Late Kandiah a veteran at Bloem came rushing to me and asked

Do you know who he was the man you sent in the TT table around

I was getting jittery but did not show, and said he gave me a good game

‘Yakko ! that is Ranaya!!!’ the Obstetrics Proff. you dealt with no reverence

Mind you I was only few months in the medical school, a raw fresher

Knew only Prof. Wass in anatomy, Prof Koch in Phys, & Prof Hoover

The story did not end there fast forward to as in my third or fourth year

I met My TT pal at DMH as a stupid student, and he was the professor

Rest is history I managed finals including O & G without a debacle

I’ii take you forward to internship at DMH Bunty and me with Menda

Already both of us had developed a shine towards Obst, and Gynae

Must say decision was easy we hero worshipped both prof & Menda

Year was nineteen seventy-one, the exam was MRCOG part one

For the first time RCOG decided to hold it in Colombo, Ceylon

When I came to know it only three days was left to send application

I panicked and gave a desperate telephone call to my ‘Obs. Guardian’

Professor Ranasinghe shouted at me and said there’s no time to lose

Write immediately your details as he was at that RCOG rep for Ceylon

It was a Saturday I could not get bank to organise fees to be attached

Good professor said I will put the money just post personal description

Exam fees was hundred and eighty rupees in early seventies

He sent my application putting his own money as my exam fees

Never accepted all my attempts to pay it back later occasions

Finally, he shut me, saying TT at Bloem, was worth a few bucks!


Ariya 1

Ariya De Silva

A Quiz to refresh your clinical knowledge?



woman presented with a chief complaint of pain in her left forearm (fractured radius). She had recently arrived in Missouri from Honduras via Texas. She stated that she had fallen and injured her arm when she was fleeing border agents. A routine review of systems revealed a history of fever with shaking chills. In addition to a swollen, tender forearm, she had a temperature of 39.2°C, pallor, and splenomegaly.

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