19 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment-Sam”

  1. Good Morning Sam !
    Nice to enjoy the Morning Java to the tune of a lovely song .
    This couple- could have been any one of us from the Class of 64 back in time ….
    Very Sweet- Very Nostalgic …–
    Thanks= eagleD


  2. Thank you Sam

    Beautiful song excellent lyrics thanks for sharing with us

    Takes me back to carefree amazing times over five decades

    Sam you have an amazing stock of yesteryear’s beautiful songs

    We are grateful to you for trying to keep alive our happy memories



  3. Thanks Sam. Beautiful harmony.Lyrics in English and Sinhala is melodious and will attract quite a lot of the young ones.It is a step in the right direction for New Age music.I am reminded of Eranga and Priyanga from the Sixties.! They were also an attractive couple who’s sang some beautiful Sinhala and English songs.Do you know where the club/ pub is located?


    1. Recording Venue is a place called Lion Pub , not sure of the location. Young artists are Sahan Weerachandra and Senali De silva. Great mash up using a the Sinhala song original by B&S, my favorite vocal group.


    1. Thanks Sam.Great fusion.This should be the way forward to learn and appreciate both languages and the music.If dreams came true, the world would be a better place too.May it flourish.


      1. Hurrah to the New Generation – New Age Fusion – the Way of The Future !
        Thank you Sam for this lovely post .


  4. Thanks Sam for posting these ” bilingual fusion songs”Although we know the Lyrics of the song in one language,, the sams lyrics of the song sung in another language ,suddenly will strike a different chord..
    I trust the same ideas expressed in different words in different languages ,will evoke thoughts with varied emotions.

    My view is bilingual songs are more nuance than monolingual songs


    1. I admire those who are multilingual. Growing up in Batticalo, my two cousins in SrLanka were very fluent in Tamil. One of them just retired from the Supreme Court. I am sure being trilingual helped him in his career.
      Music is universal & can be enjoyed even if you cant understand the lyrics.


      1. I am not multilingual by any stretch of imagination – but, do know how to sing in a few Indigenous languages of USA and Canada- Ojibway, Cree, Lakota, Cherookee and Mi’ Kmaw .

        It was not difficult for me to learn these songs, as I suppose speaking two languages Sinhala and English helped. .
        . I would write down the words in Sinhala, much to the amusement and amazement of my Indigenous friends and learn the songs , as the melodies are simple , and so are the lyrics .
        Indigenous people dont waste words or time !
        In Sinhala, I can get almost the exact pronounciation of Indigenous words .

        I sing these songs, with others, at the Drum Circle and at Sweatlodge, and other Ceremonies , that I attend in my home town .
        Songs sung are a form of Prayer when sung during these events , and are accompanied by drum, rattle and sometimes flute .

        Sam you are quite right- Music is Universal and Lyrics are secondary .

        eagledeepthie .


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