Quiz- Short Surgical Case- Rani

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                    72 Y/O man with no Prostate Cancer

1.Describe what you see in “Two Words” only.

2. Diagnosis?

Dear Seelan,

It’s too easy for your “Radiological Brain” So post your comments “Save the best for last” please




19 thoughts on “Quiz- Short Surgical Case- Rani”

  1. Does this man have Prostate ca or ” NO Prostate Cancer “?
    Bone Lesion-

    Rani- usually has some nice trick up her sleeve -!


    1. Deepthie, No Prostate cancer

      Dear Friends

      First of All pardon me if “i tread on your toes ” in interfering with your thinking strategies,with my views in answering this question

      1. It is a short case so no further details available.

      2. There are two parts to the question 1. And 2.

      3. Please identify what the question requires,

      4.Do not dig too much to your brain to solve the first question.

      5 question 1. To describe what you SEE? Macroscopically, notMicroscopic view? I am certain now the answer is very clear

      6.i trust quick response to the first question is the way to go. When you slow down in solving short cases it creates doubt and guessing.

      7. Some of your answers may be correct but I am unable correlate it to whether it is for question 1. Or question 2.


      1. Ok Rani- I am having another ‘go at it ‘!!!

        Answer 1- What do you see —Lytic Lesions
        Answer 2- Diagnosis- Multiple Myeloma


  2. Thanks for the participants.

    Question 1. Describe what you see?

    I am certain all of us can see The distal end of Ulna bone missing?

    In two words “Vanishing Ulna”

    2. Diagnosis- Diffuse large B cell lymphoma


  3. DearSeelan My right scapho-lunate ligament ruptured in September 2014. I know this is the X ray of the wrist. What is the reason for the darkish areas in terminal ends of radius and ulna? Does this show some damage by cancer from breast or some other organ.Is Nisantha’s diagnosis right?
    Kind regards. Sree.


  4. Hey Rani !
    Thanks for the quiz answer .

    I dont think, Sam and my self were far off the mark with our Dx- of Multiple Myeloma- !
    B- Cell Lymphoma, Mult Myle– both from the similar Hematopoetic sources .

    Will look up ‘ Vanishing Ulna’ on google !! home work on a’ snow day ‘in Sedona today .
    The snow- followed me all the way here, to Arizona, from Ontario !!



  5. Nissantha, Eddie, yes, osteolyic lesions,, but what we see is a vanishing ulna?Marina,Swarna ,Sam ,All of you , were able to note the distal end ulna lesion,


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