Travel Memories: Buffalo Curd and Palm Treacle in Sri Lanka

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One of my favourite experiences in my trip to Sri Lanka was having breakfast.  Each morning, sitting overlooking beautiful Unawtuna beach at the the wonderful Kingfisher Hotel, I had my morning coffee, fresh tropical fruit salad and a bowl of buffalo curd and palm treacle.

Buffalo curd is thick and smooth.  Like real Greek yoghurt that you get in Greece, the curd  is mellow, creamy and just simply divine. There is no sourness like the yoghurt we get in Australia.

Sri Lankan treacle from the toddy palm is not sickly sweet, very similar to pure Canadian maple syrup.   It is a pure product is also used to make a hardened version called jaggery, which is similar to palm sugar.

I loved this liquid treacle very much and decided that I must bring some home with me – alas…unfortunately, dear reader, I must report that of the two bottles I…

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7 thoughts on “Travel Memories: Buffalo Curd and Palm Treacle in Sri Lanka”

  1. HI Sam- Lovely mouth watering post .
    I hope we will lots of Kiri and Pani at Beruwala for Breakfast .

    Remember that old song ” Kiri pani wage , Api .dennage Ale ‘ !!!!


  2. Dear Sam
    Oh I love treacle and curd . Does any one know where in Sri Lanka I can get the purest and the best kitul treacle? Once I too bought a bottle and it had exploded inside my suitcase so could not use it☹️☹️☹️☹️. But this time I am going to get it canned at the canneries in SL. We will be going to SL on the 1st of March and leaving SL on the 10th fir Melbourne and returning home on the 15th. It will be a “ flying visit “ I have to get it canned and declare it too. as otherwis those Ozzie customs will seize it ☹️☹️☹️ Praxy


  3. My dear Nisantha,

    My sweet tooth and yours seem very much alike

    You are fond of ‘ kitul paniee’I am also the same

    Every time I go to motherland I love to eat ‘halape’

    Because it is ‘Kurakkan flour mixed with ‘Kitul paniee’

    Last Year a small group of us did a wonderful trip

    Organised by Swarna and vehicle arranged by Aley

    On a kind invitation of Indrajith and Manel, to Kandy

    The taste of ‘halape’ ate on the way still is in my memory

    Must write a word of gratuity to the host and the hostess

    Fabulously treated us warmly in a coasy ‘fallopian tube’

    Newborns, ‘ Willi, Herath & Chandra Latha too dropped in

    Food, entertainment & lodging free in a very beautiful setting



    1. Apologise for spelling mistake should read gratitude

      Instead of gratiuty, I am not sure from where it came

      The hosts did well organise accommadation food & baila,

      Hope readers will bear with mental senility of an old



  4. The presentation is elegant. But the best Curd and Kitul pani I had was in , I think, Kekirawa when we were on a plant collection / observation tour for our botany dept from Hartley College, Point Pedro. We had stopped at an intersection. 3or 4 of us pooled our meager money to buy a pot ” (Hattiya’) and kitul pani. We poured the kitul pani into the pot and dug in with our bare hands. It was truly “finger licking good. That was best curd and pani I have tasted in my whole life!!!
    Praxy we were directed to health food place on Thurstan road close to the Buller’s road junction. I will let you know if we can locate the name and address. Yogamany needed pure kitul jaggery. dharma


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