10 thoughts on “More about Kiri-Pani”

  1. What a delightful memory ….so sweet , even though I last tasted it in 2014 at Laki-Gita’s place and then at Beruwala and Hikkaduwa .
    Just waiting to taste that sweet again – with Kiribath and all the other breakfast goodies . !


  2. Dear Sam
    Your pictures have got my taste buds overworking.yum ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ˜‹ yum.Waitng to taste some kiri pani when we go to SL.
    Sam do you know from where I can really good kitul jaggery and treacle? The stuff available in super markets is not all that good. Praxy


    1. Thanks Sam for the post.
      At home use,Curd( Puhoi valley, Greek style Yoghurt it is very creamy and as good as the buffalo curd ) and treacle(Can be purchased here in Auckland NZ) is a favourite dessert in our home.We use the Marketing Department (MD )variety of of the kitul pani, which is available in a Sri Lankan shop called Serendib in Auckland.We think that the MD Kitul Pani is as good as any and also reliable for it’s contents.You should be able to get it in UK, US ,Canada and Australia.
      As for the best Kitul Jaggery in Colombo , our experience is that the best and most reliable in Colombo is at the Obeysekere’s outlet(Lakpahana) opposite the Race course in Colombo.You will also get good fare at the Saturday market at the race course in Colombo.Yes, Curd and Pani is a unanimous choice for the best Sri lankan dessert or with breakfast as Sam enjoyed.


    2. Praxy
      As Eddie said best treacle we have tasted comes from Marketting Dept (MD) , which is available in US through importers. (we get it on line from one in LA.) Best Kithul jaggery is made by Jagoda Agro Products, in my opinion. It is located in Rajagiriya. Not sure if the importer in LA has it. Yes Jaggery needs to be pure Kitul and not adulterated to be authentic in taste.


      1. Thank you Sam and Eddie for the info on where to get good Kitul treacle . I will certainly get some this time and when I eat it will thInk ๐Ÿค” of all of you . I must get them canned at Canneries as otherwise thise Ozzie customs fellows ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€wonโ€™t allow me to get into Melbourne before I come back here.Could do with eating it now. Praxy


  3. Oh my goodness yes mouth watering pictures. Greek yogurt and Kitul Pani come close to the Buffalo curd and Kitul pani.



  4. Thanks Sam for posting this “yummy”image of “kiri Pani” to make your mouth water.
    I am not a “food lover ” I eat to live ,and not live to eat.

    Therefore let me comment more on Sam’s Talents in food photography.

    Food photography is arguably the most challenging task.Its a way of communication more than food itself.Its a way to remember a sweet moment,share the past, youth ,culture, identity, or to make a solitary meal less lonely.

    Sam the shots of the pot of curd, the bottle of Treacle, highlights its qualities.
    The spiralled rippled treacle topping, over the curd, shows that you have correctly placed your camera , lens etc ,)and its positioning to capture all the details of the food.

    Health tip: Buffalo curd is less in Cholesterol,than cows milk curd but high in calories, it is available in Australia.Pannir is a preparation of cottage cheese from buffalo milk?


    1. Rani,
      Thanks a lot for the kind remarks. I wish I could take all the credit for the photography. The images are off the internet. the second post is a “reblog” with credit given to the source.
      It was interesting to your comments about the buffalo curd. I always thought it was higher in fat content.


  5. Looks good but I have never tasted it. I am now in KL tasting delicious “Ice Kachang” . You should taste this. Fantastic.


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