18 thoughts on “Best Wishesz to Errol!”

  1. Many happy returns Errol. May God bless you with health and contentmentin the years to come.


    1. My dear Errol,

      It is a pleasure to wish you a happy birthday to my dear friend Errol

      Your life is so serene cannot recollect anyone having with you a quarrel

      Missed the delightful prrsence in Beruwala both of you when we met last

      May you have joy, good health and with Rosemary a stress free long life



      1. My dear Ariya,
        It is a long time since I last saw you when you and I were interns at the General Hospital, Colombo doctors 329 quarters. But I best recall how we used to go to Punchi Borella during the lunch break, have a meal of bread and fish curry in the small “kade”, and then hurry to the wards for some quick cases! They were great days!
        Congratulations on all your British honors and also on being the poet that you are.

        Sincerely and with warm regards



    1. Thanks Nisantha and Piching for the wishes. I remember very well during our medical school days how you sang Nat King Cole numbers! You had a good voice too!



  2. Happy Birthday Greetings to you Errol .

    Enjoy this day and all the days ahead as if it is your Happy Birthday Day .

    I cant recall ever talking to you at med school- you were in the B gp and I was in the S gp and so our paths never really crossed ! and besides you were one of the quietest guys in the Class of 64 .

    All I knew was that your dad was Dr Baptist who was the Warden of the Girls Hostel , and we made sure we did every thing right to keep The Warden in the good books , where us girls were concerned !

    Have A Happy Day today .

    Deepthie Seneviratne .


    1. Thanks very much Deepthie for the good wishes. Birthdays are coming up very fast these days! We had 160 students in our batch (class) so getting to know everyone was rather difficult!
      One correction: Dr. Baptist was not my Dad but my Dad’s first cousin! So you did not have to do everything by the book!



  3. Happy Birthday Errol. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Enjoyed our meetings in Rockford and here in Downers Grove. Keep up your well sought teaching of medical students and others. Hope your table tennis skills are sharpened and ready beat Rosemary! Hope you both will join the RU at Beruwela in October. dharma and yogamany.


  4. Hello Errol,

    Tried phone greetings yesterday to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” , No answer. This note wishing you Health, Happiness & great Life.


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