Photo Quiz- Rani

Can You Identify at least 10 of Srilanka Indegenous Fruits?

Rani LogoIMG_0372 copyRani is testing your Horicultural expertise !


Answers From Top to Bottom

1.   Kottamba   2.  Kirilla     3.  Himbutu

4.  Kirala          5. Ela Dan   6. Pada Gedi   7. Ambilla

8. Bakini           9. Pani Mora  10. Bovitiya  11. Palu

12. Kala Naran   13. Kone  14. Jambu  15. Val Kohila Gedi

16. Dan            17. Cheena Pera 18. Palukan 19. Koholla Lavulu

20. Attikka    21. Vela Waraka    22. Lollu   23.  Karamba




13 thoughts on “Photo Quiz- Rani”

  1. Dear Rani
    2.. coffee
    3.Lavalu ( don’t know the English name )
    4. –
    5.Kirilla or something’s no thst grows in marsh land
    6. Chinese gooseberry
    8. Rambuttan
    10. Something called Bovitiya
    12.Kafir lime
    14. Jambu
    Some others I have seen but do not know the name . It is a lovely collection
    Of 🍇 🍉 fruits


  2. Nice collection of Sri Lankan fruits Rani.

    I was able to identify most of the fruits already mentioned by Praxy.

    I would like to add


    Mora ( Longans Chinese name )


    Dang ( the purple fruit ) one before the last in the Left hand column.

    Mee Amba ( sweet small mango )



  3. I am late on the job– was busy hiking around the red rock canyons and bird watching !

    I think I saw Delum- Pommergranate and Uguressa and Lovi– or am I just imagining – -as I love those fruits .
    Also a bunch of Nellie .

    Rani- My mouth is just watering now !!
    Nice collection of Lanka Fruits —

    Sam- Make sure we have ALL of these when we get to Beruwala !!
    – just joking= some of them may be off season in October .
    eagle D


  4. Is there a pic of Belli – ( #3 ) on this list — it seems to me like this fruit has a hard shell like Belli fruit — the Mother of Cure ALL of GI issues .
    Not that I have GI issues but I just LOVE Belli juice , or just scoop it out and eat it .

    Rani — this quiz took me back to a time back in 1952 when we lived in a rented home at Sinharamulla, Keleniya, within walking distance to the Maha Vihara , that had no running water, no electricity, ( Kerosene cart + Alladin lamps !) and of course Out Door Toilet ( remember the Sanitary Cart ? !! ).

    It was a very large 3 acre prop on a hill, with the drinking water well at the bottom of the hill ., and we had a nice vegt garden down there, and I used to sell the vegts- Bandakka and Mey Karal etc and me and the servants spent it on ice cream !
    Mey Karal Mitiya ( Bundle ) was 25 cts and Bandakka for one cent each !– nice big juicy ones at that , and a bundle of mallung leaves for 5 cts .

    Also- the land lord had used about one acre of the property as fruit orchard – you name it , we had it , and this is where I spent a lot of my time , learning about the fruits, climbing those trees and picking the fruits .
    I guess this is where my taste buds for local fruits developed . !

    We had Jambu, Lovi, Ugressa, Delum, Pera of different types, ( gauava ), Naminam, mangoes of every description, Jak and Del in plenty .

    The trick was to get at the fruits before the birds got at them- so I would strung up with a rope, a tin with a hole in the middle, with a stone tied to the centre with a string — that would bang around when the branch was shaken by birds and squirrels – it worked +/ – !!

    Rani — I missed the Naminam in your list — I love its tangy taste when partly mature, and the sweetness when it is ripe . Another one was Gal Siyambala — I would give any thing in the world , right now, to get my teeth into those two . Also- another one is Dimbul –Wood Apple .
    I guess Mora and Gal Siyambala, Dimbul, grows in the Central Prov ( A’pura area ) .

    I recall- the Rambutan Vendors lined up along the wall/ pavement near St Bridgets Convent- during the season- with woven pol kola green baskets filled to over flowing with juicy red, red Rambutans – and this was our treat as my father would drive past that way and buy us all the Rambuttans we wanted .

    Remember that song ‘ Bovitiya Dam Palu kale … ” — Esiri will know this song — by ? Sunil Shatha / PLA Somapala/ Chitra .

    Well Rani– Thanks a lot for this post on Fruits of Lanka— Very Nostalgic for me .. sorry for the long story- had to ‘get it out off my chest’— so to speak !!!!

    eagle D.
    Short Note – Wimal ( who is also from the Keleniya area, ) told me that ? Bhatiya Alwis Jayasinghe’s father was some sort of a Leader in the Village Community of Sinharamulla way back when . Perhaps he was our Land Lord ?? — just wondering .


  5. Thanks Deepthie for the most “fruitful ” account of your time spent in Kelaniya,living and growing up in an orchard surrounding, Enjoying the Taste of many fruits, straight from the trees.
    My advice to you is to write an autobiography about Your interesting anecdotes, that you have shared with all of us, It will be a bestseller, no doubt about it. Your writing skills amaze me, you have the ability to engage the reader ” spell bound” to what ever ,situation or place you describe.
    Please continue to share your interesting clips.


  6. Thanks Rani for the good words on my writing – story telling skills !

    You know the stories- so, you write the book on my behalf – -this is what I tell any one who tells me ‘ write a book ‘ !
    I just enjoy writing these things- but, some people find it too long , too time consuming and boring . in this fast Such is life , in this fast paced world of the 21st century !
    Takes all sorts to make a world !

    Anyway- thanks for the Fruits of Lanka and I will go through the list- it is not easy, as the photos are not numbered according to your list .


  7. Hope I can satisfy the “fruit hunger”

    1. Kottamba. ( Tamil Baddam)


    3 Hibutu


    5.Eladan. (Tamil kavbilipas?)

    6. Pada Gedi


    8. Bakini

    9Mora (Nurai)

    10. Bovitiya


    12. Kafir lime

    13. Konn

    14.Jambu ( Perumaval?)

    15. Wal Kohila gedi

    16.Dan( ( Nawapallam?)

    17.Cheena pera(Koiya)








  8. Dear Rani
    What a wonderful collection of fruits🍇🍇🍇🍉🍉🍉. Some of course I have never heard or tasted . But No 6 made me laugh 😂 as I tried to pronounce the name …..ha ha . I am sure you would have guessed how the way I tried to pronounce it made laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thank you for educating us .Praxy


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