Best Wishes to Anoja!



My dear Anoja,
A boon for us to have an illustrious and industrious, professor amidst us
Your no nonsence, righteous attitude is a blessing for the medical circles
A becon of light and a shinnig example to follow for students and doctors
I salute you Anoja, for being a star in our batch, with great humane qualities

Wish you a fabulous birthday plus a contended, healthy, joyful long life
Akin to your serenity hope the  life will flow serenely without any strife
May you have strength to continue working for betterment of fellow beings
It is an honour and a priviledge to call you friend and a 64 entry batch mate


Happy birthday Anoja🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰
Dear Anoja
These wishes are sent to you
To remind you that we are here for you.
So let’s wish you a very happy birthday🥂🥂
And many more blessings to come your way.
Ranjit and Praxy


Photos Shared by Deepthie 1/19/18

16 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Anoja!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you Anoja !
    I think, this time around, we got it right !!!

    Ariya has said it all- so I will only add that I had the pleasure of having you at my home, when you were last in Canada, back in the late 90’s for a lecture/ conference on Medical Ethics at Mac Master University – Hamilton, Ontario .
    Then, I brought you to my little log cabin on the shores of Georgian Bay ( part of Lake Huron ) and we had such a good weekend . I think, Rajes too joined us later on at the cottage .

    It was such a joy to see you in Beruwala in 2014- and I am sorry I missed the Girls Day at your condo- as I was in Trinco , but, we met later for dinner and lunch .

    Have a Very Happy Birthday Day, my dear Anoja, and we will meet again in Beruwala oct 2018– how soon time flies !!
    Good Wishes- Deepthie .


    1. Dear Anoja
      Wishing you a very happy B’day and many more to come. Fond memories and hope to meet you again next RU.
      David & Rajini


  2. Dear Anoja,
    Wish you a very happy birthday. It was lovely to meet you and catch up on a couple of times during the past year.


  3. Dear Anoja

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. With all your qualities you are a beacon of light to the youngsters in the medical profession. Proud of all your achievements and complements from the batchmates

    Kind regards


  4. Dear Anoja,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday today & many more happy and healthy years to come.
    After the last RU 2014, I haven’t communicated with you, but hope to meet again in October 2018.


  5. Many happy returns of the day Anoja. All the best now and years to come.

    Piching and I enjoyed the many visits you have made to our home in Pittsburgh and Rockville Maryland.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Dear Anoja, It is an honor to wish “Another Fernando” a very happy birthday. It is a privilege to be your friend & call an accomplished illustrious woman; my colleague. We had great times ,being in same “Sig” groups & weathering the storms from our instructors. You were ahead of us answering questions correct, & we stood behind you taking cover from the assaults of Demonstrators. Thank you for visiting us & spending times in our Rockford/Illinois home, when you visited Rockford School of Medicine, & the Re-Union dinner we had at our home for 8 batchmates [including Indira & Ana who happened to be in Chicago.]. You ,along with several other batchmates treated us for dinner , when we visited Sri Lanka several years ago, THANK YOU. Hope you will have a very graceful & pleasant life, for many years to come.



    1. HI Wimal !
      Regarding ” taking cover from the assaults from the Demonstrators ‘ ( !!! ) you guys lucked out on the Target Practice , with Anoja not missing a beat !

      We in the S gp- had no such luck – recall a forceps being thrown at some one in the S gp.

      Sometimes ,we had Miss Piching Shiek coming up with the right answer, to save the moment , but the Anatomy Demo ( Joe Olivelle ) got her name wrong and called out ‘ Miss Wong’ !!! after the movie ” The World of Susie Wong’ !!
      Remember that lovely movie back in the early 60’s ??.

      Well Anoja- I hope you had a good day today – and again, many, many thanks for being that one person, that we girls could come up for a bit of sound advice and help in time of need .

      Again– Many thanks for ALL the work you did along with others in SL, to make the RU- 2014 a GREAT success story !

      Hope you like the two photos above, from 2014.

      See you in Beruwala- 2018 .– with the load off your shoulders as Dharma says !


  7. A very happy birthday Anoja, wishing you many more happy and heathy. Proud to to be your batch mate and friend. Appreciate your contributions to many facets of the medical field. Of course cannot forget your vital role in organizing the RU 2018. I am sure you can enjoy RU 2018 more without a load off on your shoulders. Hope to see you in October. Happy globe trotting.As a fellow nature lover, I appreciate your love for them. dharma


  8. Dear Anoja,
    Belated birthday wishes to you for a healthy and contented life for many more years(Ad multos annos). It was such a joy working with you, a perfectionist, on the RU 64 Souvenir and the close ties we established May you be blessed for all the work you do for our profession and to society. Did you have a word with Prince Andrew when you accompanied the disabled Girl Guides?


  9. Hi Anoja,

    Wish you a belated happy Birthday. i couldn’t agree more with all the sentiments expressed by others above. We are so proud of you.



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