Best wishes for Dhamsawathie!

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My dear Dhamsa,
A little bird whispered in my ear that we missed your birthday
Exact day or not our fond memories do return to mind everyday
In our signature group ‘D’, your were silent, I was the mischievous
Thinking of our irrepressible youth,  bring  tears of joy to our eyes

Through friends we come to know you are been cared very well
By your loving husband, Wilmot and we all to him are very grateful
Our wish for your birthday is for a speedy recovary to good health
May the Triple Gem Bless and ease you from all pain & discomfort

Birthday Greetings to Dhamsa – 5th January .


My Dearest Dhamsa- this is Deepthie wishing you a rather a belated Birthday Greeting , as your Birthday was on the 5th January .

I hope  you hang in there my dear friend, with all the courage you have and with the support of Wilmot and your two sons .

We, the Class of 64  will never every forget you, as you were one very special person .


I do recall , all our fun days, when we were in the hostel together for 5 yrs, and how we would come to your room, for any little health issue, and you would give us your famous father –a Madapatha Vedamahattaya’s little ‘guli’s   and all was well after that !

Then, you would bring for me, some real  special ,good home cooked food from Gampaha- to supplement that  ‘ hostel diet ‘ !


It was really nice meeting with you in the Jayawardenepura Hospital, where you worked in the ER and Narme was the Big Boss – back in the 80’s , when I used to come  to SL often ,  to see my parents back then .

Then we met again, I think, in 2001 or so, and that was the last time I saw you , and I am soo happy for that memory,  that is still  crystal clear in my head, though I don’t have photos of that day at the  Golf Club party .- the club near Kanatta, Borella .


Well ,  these are my  fond memories of you dear Dhamsa- back then- and I hope to come and visit you in October, when I come for the RU- 2018, and I am sorry I could not make it to come and see you when I was there in 2014 .


Much Love and  Good Wishes- your batch mate and hostel companion—Deepthie



Happy belated birthday wishes Dhamsa
Dear Dhamsa
It was only today we came to know of your birthday.
But memories of our faculty days will never fade away.
May you find peace and happiness very day of your life.
As you continue to be Wilmot’s ever loving wife.
Praxy and Ranjiyt

9 thoughts on “Best wishes for Dhamsawathie!”

  1. Piching joins me in wishing you many happy returns of the day , Dhamsa. Better late than never they say.

    All the best now and years to come.

    Picking and Nisantha Banda


  2. Happy “Late Birthday” wishes for you, Dhamsa. Hope you will have an enjoyable time, many more years to come,



  3. Thanks Sam, for posting the photo of the SL gp- taken in 1989 in Colombo, the gathering that Narme organized in SL for the few remaining members of the Class of 64 .

    All three Birthday Salutations we are celebrating at this time, are in this photo-

    ie , Willie, Anoja and Dhamsa .

    Feel sad , when I see Lakdasa ….

    Thanks Narme for this photo in the 2014 Souvernier book .

    Deepthie .


  4. Many happy returns ,dear Dhamsa. I remember well the days we worked together as colleagues at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital. May all blessings be upon you and your family for contentment.
    Narme Wickremesinghe


  5. Dear Dhamsa, Belated Happy Birthday Wishes from us! We were so happy to see you and Wilmot
    when we visited SL in 2010. Seeing you brought back happy memories of Medical School days.
    We hope you will be feeling better soon.
    With the Blessings of the Triple Gem,
    Indira and Ana


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