18 thoughts on “Deepthie visits Florida”

  1. Dear Deepthie,
    You surely know how to enjoy. Silly fellows like me are still working (in my case – part time). Must learn from you.
    What is that bottle in Johnpulle’s hand? – in that picture with 4 of you – “Rose among the thorns or the other way”
    The video didn’t come through.


    1. HI Seelan !
      It is not a bottle in Johnpulle’s hand- it is a glass of red wine .
      I guess- for you , everything looks like a bottle !!!

      I think, I am The Rose — calling out to everyone to come out and have a good time–
      So, lets all get together at the RU -2018, as Life is Short and I Love Life toooo much, so I spend a lot of time out doors .
      eagledancer !


  2. Dear Deepthie, “The Dancing Queen” , your performances .on the Arctic ice, Florida beach, or Canadian wilderness, one thing is certain , you have shown your 64 batch mates that “you are in Love with Life”..and enhance it by bringing in your Dancing,Flutist talents, and most of all your creativeness.


    1. Thank you Sam, for the post and you picked out some real lovely photos !
      The Video- has not come through as yet – it is 6.45 am- Florida time now .

      Thank you and Wimal for the wonderful time you both gave me, taking me out, to show me all the wonderful wild life- specially birds , that surrounds you .
      I am truly grateful for the most wonderful hospitality of Kathy/ Sam, Iranthie/ Wimal and to Johnpulle/ Angela, who took the time of day to visit me at Sam’s place in Sarasota .

      Wimal– thanks for stopping a 100 times, so I could take 200 photos of birds- and the boat ride, the two trips to the Florida Everglades y’day and day before .
      It has been my dream to drive along the Florida Everglades and Wimal, you made the dream a reality .– Thank You very much .
      Most special – the little cutie- Burrowing Owl- that live mostly on Marco Island, just a door step away from Wimal’s home , and , perhaps Sam can put out one photo of these cuties later on .

      Dharma- thanks a lot for your post on the Florida Birds- as they were my ‘guide notes ‘ on the two trips to the Everglades .
      I am returning to Sedona tonight to spend the next 6 wks in Arizona .

      Thanks a lot- eaglebirdlover !


  3. Dancing queen of the batch, my dear ‘Baila kumari’

    A true inspiration to all of us your joyful life care free

    If a prize is offered to the mate on the fullness of life

    There’s only one winner in batch, dear freind Deepthie

    Like to honey pots wasps, nectar to bee, to fun our Mary

    Natural attraction & makes everyone around very happy

    Endless talents, keeness of a young kid, the creator of joy

    Illuminates entire stage and is the cynasore of every party

    She rubs energy and enthusiasn on everyone, far or near

    It is natural for her to become the beat & heart of any party

    It is her order we follow and to her swing we dance or sway

    My dear Deepthie you are the cause of our joy and the glory

    We often boasts, ours as the best ever medical batch to enter

    While it is absolutely true, with no contenders any where near

    There are few stalwarfs makes the foundation strong however

    Purely for entertainment & versatality you are the queen my dear



    1. HI Ariya–
      Thank you for your kind words .
      I do the best I can , for my self and to the world around me, to Spread the Joy of Living,and to Make Life a Happy Life !

      Here is a line from a nice song —

      -”’ Mal Pani Bonnata porakana,
      Mee Massi Ranchuwa Wage ,
      Ege Rathangili Salena Heda Wagai’ !!!

      (difficult to write in english the sinhala words . ).


  4. My dear Sam,

    Like Seelan, I too found the video is resisting my call

    It must be a fantastic clip sorry to send a second call

    While we take it for grsnted and odeciously do complain

    Sam the conductor of the web to you tune dance every pawn



    1. Dear Ariya
      Please try again. There are two posts of the same video. At first it was not set up for public sharing in You Tube. ( My mistake) Should be fine now.


  5. Dear Deepthie and Sam
    I too did not get the video.
    Deepthie you seem to be having a fantastic time in Florida.I love the energy you have. Praxy


    1. Good Morning my dear Praxy !
      It was YOU who gave me the idea to visit Florida in February when you and Ranjith came here last year this time .
      Thanks for this great idea and Praxy- YOU are also a lovely bundle of good energy– Bionic Nona — the Class of 64 did not give you that name for nothing !

      Sam / Kathy and Wima/ Iranthie , my self, we were talking a lot about your visit and Dharma’s visit to Florida last year .
      I am sad I have to leave today- but it was a very memorable trip — for more than one reason .– not just birds and dancing around, but, to be with old friends and pick up the Threads of Life once more, after half a century .



    1. HI Piching !- see you on the dance floor at the Beruwala Oct 2018 RU !
      I sure had a lot of fun- and Sam hit the nail on the head, when he / Kathy took me to the Florida Beach Drum Circle !
      eagledancer !


  6. Hi Deepthie
    You are a legend. I do not think you will get dementia with all the dancing and activities you do. is this an indigenous dancie routine. I like your costume as well. Well videod by the master


    1. HI Selvi- glad you liked the video that Sam took at the Beach Drum Circle .

      The ‘dance routine ‘ — is something that was totally impromptu- to the high energy beat of the many drums as you can see and hear .
      This is the whole idea of Drum Circle Dancing .– to convey the energy to one another and to the audience .

      The dress I am wearing- is one I bought from the gift shop at Mt Lavinia hotel some 15 yrs ago !

      The red cape- that added a whole new dimension , was given to me to use, by the lovely lady who was doing a real lovely Indian Bharata Natyam style dance, in traditional Natayam costume, to convey to the wider audience the real Indian Indian style of dancing .
      She and I did a lot of movements together as partners and the people really enjoyed it .

      There must have been at least 3000 people there – it was a wild sunset drum circle dance on the beach, and it is all over when it gets dark .
      Thanks to Sam- he did a great job on the photos and the video, and did well taking me to the Beach Drum Circle !



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