19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Willie !”

  1. Many happy returns of the day , Willie Maama. All the best now and years to come. Piching joins me in wishing you all,the best.

    Nisantha and Piching


    1. My dear Wije

      Our batch is studded with beautiful gems

      Among them you are one of the brilliant most

      Always ready to help a mate you are in everyone’s heart

      Have a fantastic birthday full of joy and happiness



  2. My dear Willie Maama,
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Every time I think of you, I think of our Bloem days & the trip to Veyangoda to see your parents on my motor bike!
    All the best.


  3. Dear Wije, – Wishing you a very happy birthday. Please send us your photos of birthday celebrations with your family and staff of your school.
    Indragee and Manel.


  4. Hello, Willie Mama,

    Wish you a very happy Birthday. Still remember the Med School time where you did crazy things to make all of us laugh. Thank You. May you have a great long life.



  5. Happy B’day Willie Maama. Wish you many more happy ones. As Rahula said, “Kong Kikanut” is unique and unforgetable. Keep up your contributions to the medical world and society. dharma


  6. Happy Birthday My dear Kong Kikanut Friend !

    I will never ever forget that Ward Class with Ernie Peris that day – you are the ONLY one to make Ernie blush and smile , and break his cool !!

    You are a wonderful person Willie Mama – and I will always remember you as one of those guys, who always had a smile on his face, never lost his cool, always ready with a good joke, when things got rough ( believe me, there were many a rough moments in our 5 yrs at Kynsey Rd ! ) .

    And now, you are such an asset to Lanka- with all your good work with the youth .
    Yes- I too would like to see some pics of your school .
    Keep up the good work you are doing .

    But I have to thank you very specially, for helping the Class of 64 with the Souvernier Book- that made a huge difference too keep the Class together .
    I hold this book, very near and dear to my heart ..

    Thanks and Have a Very Happy Birthday my dear friend- and see you in Beruwala Oct 2018 .


  7. Dear Willie
    Many Happy returns of the day, Eat, drink and be merry today. Wish you many more happy birth days and happy, healthy years in your life in the future.


  8. Dear WAQW
    Happy B’day and many more happy returns. Hope you have great time and see you at the next RU.
    David Selvarajah


  9. Belated birthday wishes to you dear Willie. How many memories I have of you both in Medical School days and afterwards.Whenever Deepthi came to Sri Lanka she would visit Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital and then we would call you and play the mickey out of you. You came to SJGH and got hints when you were planning your own hospital, the Nawaloka hospital. Then it was you and I who organized our first get together for the Sri Lankan remnants in our batch in 1989 after the Reunion in the U.K. The greatest gift you gave us was the co-sponsoring of the costs of the RU 64 Souvenir with Seelan. You are a great buddy my friend, Willie, May all blessings be on you and your family.


    1. Dear Wije,

      Here is wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more great returns.

      I am reminded of pleasant school days with you at Veyangoda and Med. school.

      Your son Harindu is a leading sports medicine doctor at the moment in Sri Lanka Trained by none other than

      our own Prof. Siri Kannangara! You can truly be proud of his success also bringing honor and pride to himself,you and Sri Lanka itself.Congrats to also Siri producing such a great pupil and follower.

      With Very Best Regards


      1. HI Esiri !
        Thank you for the news about keeping ” Sports Medicine” Alive and Well, in Srilanka, and above all, keeping it All in The Family of Class of 64 !

        Willie Mama- I do recall you telling me to take a photo of your two kids riding an elephant , when we were at the RU- 1994- Bentota Beach Hotel and you told me ” Deepthie , Mage Athek Barata Wastuwa is on top of the elephant, can you take a photo of my children ‘
        I did, and sent you a copy of it – I hope you still have it, as all my photos were destroyed by water damage .
        I assume it was this lad who is now a Sports Med MD in SL – trained by Siri K .

        Narme- yes I do recall how we would play Mickey Mouse with Wille – when ever I visited you ( and Dhamsa ) at Jayawardene Pura hosp.
        Those were good days !
        Thanks for the trip down memory lane as this is all we have left now .

        Wille Mama- I hope you had a good day– on your BIg Day ! and see you in Beruwala oct 2018 .


  10. Hi Wije,

    Wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. If not for COVID we could have enjoyed a sumptuous meal with you at your school restaurant. Hopefully we may be able to do that next year. Keep well and keep busy – With love from NImal and Manel


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