11 thoughts on “Eagle Deepthie visits Florida”

  1. Video is working & the Baila Kumari is revealed in Florida.
    Where did she get the energy? From Ever Ready Alkaline battery?. “Touch Wood” – I cant even bend my knees
    Now we have someone to entertain us all-night at the Oct RU.


    1. HI Seelan !

      Energy comes from Within My Soul that is In Love with Life !

      I need a dancing partner —

      I am ‘Looking ‘ !


  2. Way to go Deepthi. Wow ! you were giving a lesson in Baila to the young chicks around you. Very nice indeed “ Baila Kumari” .



  3. Dear Deepthi

    Enjoyed watching you dance . As Seelan mentioned you have the energy which is lacking in all of us.
    Have an enjoyable break in Florida and safe flight home.



  4. My dear Deepthie,

    You have amazing determination and strength

    To dance like a teenager getting right every step

    As Seelan mentioned the battery is working non- stop

    What do you feed your brain and the body, tell us the secret



    1. Hey Ariya- ‘ The Secret ” is what Rani said – ” In Love with Life ‘ !

      It is The Mind that Feeds the Body and Brain– in my Book of Life .

      Also , some one said a long time ago- ” If Music is the Food of Life- Play On ‘ !



  5. Dear Deepthie,
    When I viewed the first video, I thought it was most inspiring. But I was wrong , because the second
    video, “took my breath away”to watch your desire to communicate through motion,the physical and
    kinetic potential of the body, to use dance as a way to speak about social and cultural back ground .
    As you know “Dance is a way to Express When words are Insufficient ”
    Finally let me conclude by adding that , the video ,was able to transfer some of your “Positive Energy ” to those viewing it


    1. Rani- you hit the nail on the head — when you said that I am in Love with Life and Dance/ Music/ Song – !

      It is also a way to speak about social and cultural backgrounds.

      See my response to Selvi – in one of the video posts

      (Sam put out two posts- of the video )

      Also- the idea of the video – like you said, is to transfer the Positive Energy to those viewing it – and in this case, to transfer the Positive Energy to The Class of 64–

      It is easy- just Move It ! and Enjoy it !

      We ALL can have a blast- just to get on the floor and Move around to the music , is in it self a great thing at our age !
      Come to Beruwala- Oct 2018, for the REAL Thing !!!

      eagledancer .


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