9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Thanks Deepthi for posting the lovely pictures. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and each and everyone one of our batch mates and their loved ones.



  2. Thank you – Nisantha, Rani, Praxy and Swarna for the comments .

    Here are the names / places of the birds-

    Trumpeter Swans – Wye Marsh- Ont. Canada, near my home .

    Photos taken at A’pura in 2014- when Lakshaman and Gita took me to A’pura —
    Lapwings- the pair on the ground,
    Lesser Whistling Duck- the pair looking away from each other ! ,
    Rose Ringed Parakeet- with the male with the rose ring ( Mala Girawa) .

    Koha- male and female- Colombo- Havelock Towers – photo taken from the 4th floor- of the Roof Garden tree tops, that are now virtually reaching the 3rd floor .

    Bald Eagle pair, Great Horned Owls pair- – Cottonwoood , Arizona- —

    Dates of photos taken- given in some of the photos .


  3. Dear Deepthie,

    Thank you for reminding us the beautiful aspect of life

    When my face is wrinkled joints stiffened with a rigid spine

    For this old guy Valentine day celebrations is a piper’s dream

    All I can say is it’s painful to look back is good, better if it lasted



    1. Hey Ariya,
      What do you mean by ” its painful to look back, it is good, better if it lasted ” ??
      You lost The Love The Love of Your Life ???
      I dont think so — !!

      I look back, and it is a Beautiful Dreamer ‘s Life and it is good- even if things did not last the way I hoped it would
      I am Happy with the way things are – Valentine Or NO !
      eaglelover !


  4. My dear ‘ Dilisena tharuwa’, the guy, whom you call a poet

    For once lost for words and did not know what he wrote

    On one issue of course no doibt you are absolutely correct

    The writer got engrossed in a dream world & got completely lost!



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