9 thoughts on “High Class Massage”

    1. Oh dear Seelan you better not ask for that sort of massage 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️. You will get crushed and we will never see you again. We can’t afford to lose you … we want to see you at the RU. Praxy


  1. Hey Ranjith —

    Here is an idea — Valentine Day Prescription of a Hot and High Massage for you !
    How about that , and , — Get that Good Convent Girl Doctor to write it out, and give it to your Loved One !

    Good Luck- eaglemd.

    Oh ! By the Way- Seelan- you stay away from this, as adviced by the Good Convent Girl Doctor !


  2. No thanks . I do not want any rib fractures , dislocated shoulders , or mal -alnged cervical vertebrae’s. What kind of crime did the guy commit to deserve such punishment.



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