Best Wishes to Satha!!



My dear Satha,

It is with great pleasure I send felicitations
To a joyful mate, pleasant, upright and righteous
May you have excellent health and peace throughout
And with your lovely wife Selvi a very long  happy life



Happy Birthday to you Satha-
May you enjoy Good Health and Happiness for all the years ahead of you .

You missed the Valentine Day by a day.
Any way- Have a Great Day today and Celebrate V day with your lovely ,
lovely Selvamalar , just  like as if it was back in 1964 at the Block and
the next 5 yrs after !

It was really, really nice meeting with you  in 2014– took me back to good
days down Kynsey Rd !
Try to come to Beruwala- Oct 2018- so we can get together again with Selvi
as she missed the 2014 .
I really, really want to see her – after all we were part of the ” S group
” and she was THE quietest one !

Love this photo of all of you at  Bouchart Gardens , British Columbia,
Canada, on the way to Alaska .-July 2017

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday .

Your S gp back bench comrade- Deepthie .


Dear Satha ! Happy Birthday 🍰🍷

Hip hip hurray you are  twenty one today .
So Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day
And good cheer 😃and happiness to brighten your day. 🙏
Ranjit and Praxy

18 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Satha!!”

  1. Hi Satha,
    Best wishes for a very happy and a peaceful B’day for today and something special for Valentines day tomorrow.


  2. My Dear Mate Satha,,
    Jean joins me in wishing you the very best on your birthday.
    My friendship with you & Selvi is a very special one !!!!! I am sure Selvi & the boys will be organising a big celebration.
    The storey I wrote in the RU Souvenir is an example of our true friendship. You were a great fellow willing to take part in all sorts of ideas of mine – whether “disastrous” or not !. Unfortunately you are living in a different state, otherwise we will still continue with activities as in the past.
    Enjoy your day
    Seelan & Jean


  3. Dear Satha

    Many Happy returns of the day. Have a happy and memorable day with your loved ones. If all goes well, may meet you and Selvi in October and looking forward to it.


  4. Hi Sathananthan,

    Wish you a very happy birthday. At our age every birthday is special. What is Selvi cooking for you today.? What ever it is i am sure it is done with a lot of love.



  5. Dear Satha

    Wish you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the Day and many more to follow.

    Best Regards,



  6. Many happy returns to our famous gastroenterologist from Adelaide, also those server, serving Masala Thosai. at the Vancouver Chutney restaurant!. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Enjoyed the time in Vancouver and Alaska, not forgetting Adelaide. Hope to meet you in October. dharma


  7. Dear Satha
    Wish you a Very Happy Birthday and many more years of joy and happiness.
    Takes me back to the days when we used to study together with Tissa and Sam. They are still great memories.
    Best wishes
    Mahilal & Mahila Ratnapala


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