8 thoughts on “WiFi- The Silent Killer”

  1. What shall we do?

    Without this technology you couldn’t have sent this message & we couldn’t have read it.
    All the computer, Radio, TV, telecommunication as well as other associated businesses have to be shut!!

    My main worry is that it affects the sperms. I hate the idea of not being able to reproduce anymore.
    End of Seelan Clan ????


    1. Hey my dear good man from aussie land — you have already sowed your wild oats !!!-

      NO worries for you , but the future — who knows . ??

      Prize of Civilization – Like it Hope for the Best- Don’t despair or Not !
      eagle D


  2. Thank you Rani for the Post- very scary and informative .

    The Radiologists in the Class o f 64– give us a Lesson on the subject please !

    I had heard about the effects of electromagnetic radiation effects on the brain, some years back when cell phones came into being .
    Now, there is no person in the world that does not have a cell phone – it is a necessary tool in today’s world .

    However, scary as it may be- my Mantra for a Healthy Living is ” Everything in Moderation ‘ .
    I think, in today’s world , Moderation- is something people dont know about — Everything in Excess – More the Better , Bigger The Better etc .

    Try to Live without being wired to the world .– or minimum access to the ‘wired world ‘.

    As for my self, I use a cell phone , ONLY when I am travelling by car, and never use one , even when I a m walking in the woods !!
    How ever, I do carry one when I am hiking in the Sedona Red Rock Canyon Trails , as I hike alone . ( but these are popular hiking trails ) .
    I dont have Unlimited Wireless Internet in my neck of the woods, in small town Ontario, Canada — so internet use is limited at home -and I lug my lap top to Mac Donald’s/ local public library to ‘talk to the Class of 64 ” . a few days in the week !
    I am NOT on Social Media / skype etc of any kind- just plain old e-mail and ‘home phone ‘ .

    As Septugenerians- we have lived through all this and “lived to tell the tale . ”
    But, our grandkids- — mine are 11, 13 and 16 , and this is what I am worried about, being ‘ wired to the world … ”

    Keep everything in Moderation- Keep it Simple, Short and Sweet — The Three S rule in my life .

    Good Luck to ALL !



    1. In my Chapter on Emergency radiology, I have included a section on radiation doses. Too many to list here.
      Radiologists regularly monitor the dose they receive, but see I am still here & my children & grandchildren are OK – Touch Wood


  3. Dear Sam
    It is very worrying to read the harmful effects of radiation .What can you do🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️?? We do need them especially at this day and age.Praxy


  4. My vision is- Not to live in fear of the surroundings

    Avoiding dangers due to excess exposure to EMF is safer in the long run ,than outright Careless/Reckless exposure to it?

    Agree with Seelan. Only 50%

    Deepthie yes in moderation and may I add this ,at times avoidance?
    Praxy here is what we do

    The safety story unfolds like this-

    In Australiasome of us get our houses assessed by an EMFconsultant to detect areas of high EMF emissions

    Instrument used- EMF monitor meters

    High EMF

    Bedroom- bed side digital alarm clocks ,night lamps,phone chargers. TVs, Phones,baby monitor s, Google home, cordless phones
    kitchen-Induction cookers very high, micro wave, other electric appliances
    Smart meter switch boxes very high, Routers where ever is placed cables, switches, ,Gadgetsetc
    EMF includes both the electrical and magnetic components
    Power lines
    And if you live in
    Old houses where thereis under ground metalwater pipes and electrical wiring EMF is very high as the metal pipes acts as a conductor and get a satellites emission effect so the wooden floors are very high in EMF

    Easy to way to avoid this is break the conduction of metal pipes by inserting a plastic knuckle piping at the entry point rather than replacing all metal pipes?

    There are safety Emmission
    distances,allowable exposure guide lines

    Keep phonesaway from contact with the body use aeroplane mode when not in use,switch off routers in the night no bedside phones etc

    My personal view is

    In the future if all wifi devices indicate theEMF emission levels , distances,and safe levels on the labelsworld will be a healthier place to live.


  5. Dear Simone,

    Agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion

    WiFi, like many other useful modern modalities

    Should be used with caution and within safe limits

    Thank you for keeping a vigil on safty of batch mates



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