Kamala’s Final journey !-





The date was the 7th of February  and the time was 11am.  It was the date and the time we said ”Farewell” to Kamala.
It was a sad occasion as well as a happy occasion too. Sad, because  we were saying  good bye to our dear friend Kamala. Happy, because her suffering was over. From the number of attendees, it was obvious, how popular Kamala was. During the service, which was very moving, a beautiful hymn was sung, followed by the playing of  two of Kamala’s favourite songs. Gaspar and Kamala’s daughter Shehana paid a loving tribute to her mother. Their other daughter could not attend as she was organising the church service held at Thimbirigasyaya at the same time. Shaukat’s eulogy at the crematorium  demonstrated highly of Kamala’s wonderful nature and expressed admiration of the loving relationship between her and Gaspar. The cremation was followed by lunch at a nearby hotel and Titus described at length, what a wonderful couple Kamala and Gaspar  have been…. from the start of their careers as medical students, till the final hours  and the last moment of Kamala’s life on this earth. Their son in law’s oration was delivered in a formal and dignified manner.. Kamala’s carer demonstrated  by her eulogy, what a lovely patient Kamala had been and the love and affection shown by Gaspar from the beginning to the end.

When God saw Kamala feeling tired,
And a cure was not to be.
He put His arms around her
And whispered “come back to me”.

He didn’t like what Kamala went through,
And decided to give her rest.
Now that she is free of pain,
We don’t wish her to come back, to suffer that pain again.

Gaspar do not be sad,  as Kamala has found  her final rest,
Please know that God called her as she is one of the very best.


9 thoughts on “Kamala’s Final journey !-”

  1. Thank you my dear Praxy for the very moving account of Kamala’s Celebration of Life on the 7th feb held in Chichester . UK .

    It is truly heart warming to know that the Class of 64 was well represented at this occasion with Shauket and Titus telling all those present, the wonderful relationship between Gaspar and Kamala– one of True Love- – that lives Beyond Life ….

    Ariya did inform me about the Celebration of Life at St Theresa’s Church in Thimbirigasyaya Colombo, with more of the Class of 64 attending the Service .

    I am at a loss to understand—– ‘ Why , Why this Karma for Kamala and Gaspar … ”
    We all knew she was ill for so long, and the End was Merciful- but when it did happen, it hit me hard ….

    Thank you Praxy for your wonderful write up and the lovely poem you wrote for Kamala and Gaspar .

    Gaspar– Take Comfort in the Love both of you Shared with each other , for sooo long and it will be with you for Ever ..

    Kamala- –May you Attain Nirvana …. Rest In Peace — My Dear Friend …

    Deepthie .


  2. Anicca vata sankhara – Uppada vyadhammino

    Uppajjita nirujjanti – thesam vupa samo sukho

    Impermanent are alas all firmations

    They arise and pass away

    Having arisen they come to an end

    Their coming to eace is bliss


  3. Praxy, That was a Moving Tribute to a great batchmate. Well done. Kamala was a very beautiful person ,inside out. For Gaspar; you gave the BEST for a lovely Human Being, she is in Heaven, in the final resting place with our God All Mighty. WIMAL.FERNANDO.


  4. Hi Praxy,

    What a fitting tribute for a wonderful batch mate. May she rest in Peace. Dear Gaspar and family; We’ll keep you in our prayers.

    Ranjit & Shanthi


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