14 thoughts on “Do you speak parrotese?”

  1. Hey Sam !

    That was one REAL pissed off parrot- totally out of control like some real mad woman screaming at her man !!

    All I could hear was that real bad Four Letter Word —

    May be- Parrotese- was a derivative of Mad Wife Lingo -perhaps that’s where the parrot learned it in the first place !

    The man- so calm, and speaking sooo nicely to this totally wild , pissed off parrot .

    The parrot sure needs some Calm Energy for sure !

    Great Fun to listen to -Thanks .

    – eagleD


  2. Thanks Sam for the post.This parrot is a reflection of the owner!.I recently saw a clip of a parrot mimic a crying baby. This worried the neighbours so much that they made a forced entry into the house.Any one knows a parrot that can do a similar performance in Sinhala or Tamil? Eddie.


  3. Hi Eddie and Sam-
    I have seen and heard parrots and Maina Birds talking in Sinhala back in the day in SL .

    They said only a few words – Like- Ayoubowan, and the name of the owners , and a few other words that I cannot recall too well .
    But, they did NOT say any ‘bad words ‘ !

    I have also seen and heard a little parakeet saying, as we entered the house ( in Canada ) ” Telephone rang ‘ and so we knew there was a message in the Answering machine !
    It also said ‘ Good Morning ” Good Night ” ” , Hello, How are You ” , to me and my friends, with whom I was spending a weekend .
    Again- NO bad words – as my friends have real ‘calm energy ‘ .

    This video just goes to show, how the Animal World picks up on the energy of the people around it .

    Here is a good one that happened here, to me, the other day , on my Day One Out on The Land , in Cottonwood, Arizona, on the 3rd Feb .

    It was a Saturday and I was in a local park with many other weekenders/ campers, kids, papas and mamas , walkers, bikers, hikers dog walkers, you name it !

    I go to this place, by the Verde River , to see my Eagle pal – and I hung out for a while at the usual locations- no luck .
    I sat down under a tree, had my lunch by the man made ‘lagoon’ with lots of folks fishing ( for luck ! ) .

    I checked the time as I had a bit of walk back to the car-

    It was 3.33 pm on the 3rd Feb .

    Then, out of no where , came the Bald Eagle , flying over the lagoon, dived in for a duck- the duck dived under, the eagle flew over us in a few circles, and perched on a tree across the pond .

    I took several pics, and we all heard the Eagle call out .
    People got really exited , and many cameras clicked .

    After about 10 mins- the eagle flew out and I followed it , as I knew its perching spots .

    The Eagle took me to a nice quiet isolated area with NO one around , and stayed there for nearly 20 mins, while I took pics, videos , sang the Eagle Honour Song , first very softly for the video, and then very loudly for the Eagle to hear , though I am sure it ‘knew ‘ whose voice it was .

    Then , I said my Prayers to The Sacred Bird ..

    This eagle ‘knows ” my voice and the sound of my flute- but, I did not have my flute – so I used my voice and sang and talked to the Sacred Bird … and Thanked for greeting me on my First Day , Out on The Land, giving me Its Blessings to start a good winter stay , here in Arizona .

    My Theory on the day’s event- The Eagle took me to a place , where we can be alone and ‘communicate ‘ , with each other …
    I am still reeling from this very memorable moment….

    A Long Story- but I hope it was worth the read !

    Eagle Blessings to ALL of Class of 64.

    eagledeepthie .


    1. A good story Deepthie.You have the knack of telling stories that draws the reader into the scene.Excellent.why don’t you write a book?. Title ,Where eagles dare !!! Eddie.


      1. Eddie- you know the stories- so , you write the book !!

        oh my god Eddie- I know ALL about Book Writing and Self Publishing -‘been there and done that”— some 14 yrs ago- dont want to visit that scene again !

        Nice to know that you liked my Eagle Tale – !
        eagle d


  4. That was very funny. Although the guy was calm , cool and collected the , bird went on like a maniac with foul language. Question is who taught the bird the foul language. Probably the same man.

    Thanks Sam for sharing the video.



    1. Follow Up – by Eddie-
      That was just hilarious !- never realized till now, that this famous 4 Letter word could be used in sooo many different ways of expression !

      I sure laughed my head off – just before bed time, here in Arizona .– will be laughing in my sleep tonight !

      Good Convent Girls- like me ( !! ) how do we know these things ??- we were never taught this in our English Class back in the 50 ‘s .

      Selvi – dont let any kids attend This school where This Indian Teacher is teaching English !



  5. Deepthie, You good convent girl, knows how to enjoy a good joke.That 4 letter word is used more freely these days.It is easy and flows easily off your lips in many difficult situations. It is very contemporary and easily replaces the 18 letter word in usually means.It originated in the 17 century but is used freely now.More often in the rugby and Cricket field.Hats off to the Indian school teacher.I could not have done it any better.Eddie.


    1. HI Eddie !
      Thanks for the little lesson on ” The Origins of A 4 Letter Word ‘ !

      So, according to your sources, this originated in the Western Civilization- that was supposed to be the Ultimate Form of Civilization , and to think it is used in the Rugby and Cricket Fields — makes it even more Civilized , as Cricket is a Gentelmens’ Sport !!

      So, I guess, we Good Convent Girls can start using it and let it flow off the lips more easily !
      Let it Flow , Let it Flow , Let it Flow !!!!

      Thanks for the Lesson and even more thanks for the Audio feature- it is nothing bu totally outrageously hilarious .
      Love the Teacher’s Indian Accent- which makes it even more fun to listen to .

      I will let my sons listen to it, but, not my grandkids, so, send me the link for this to my private e-mail


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