14 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment-Rani”

  1. Thanks Rani for reminding me of the Good old Al Martino with his Spanish Eyes & the Tear Drops. I still got his
    78 rpm record – haven’t listened for a while!! What a great instrument !


  2. Thanks Ranee. That flute or whatever you call it gave a superb clear rendition of Spanish Eyes. Brought a tear drop to my eyes!


  3. Thank you Rani for sharing this beautiful rendition by these two very talented ? Peruvians.They are both very good on their instruments The beginning on the Spanish guitar is super with very intricate and difficult chords followed by the melodious tune on the pan flute.Very enjoyable indeed.Do you know the names of this duo?Eddie.


    1. Sorry Eddie, I was unable to reply to you query earlier as I am not receiving news letters for the last two weeks, in fact I did not know that this was posted.

      They are two Native American brothers

      Group name – Inca Gold

      Names Oscar Andrés Morales Vega and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega


  4. Thank you Rani for posting this video. What a combination of the Guitar and the Pan flute.

    It brought back pleasant memories. I have recordings ,CD, of G. Zamfir on the Pan Flute but not this gentleman .

    Eddie the guy playing the Pan Flute is Edgar Muenala. I do not know the name of the guitarist. Shame to say that though being that he is fantastic.



    1. Thanks Nisantha, I must get the name of the guitarist too.I think he is one of the best that I have heard ,playing the spanish guitar..


      1. Sorry for the confusion Eddie. When I did a search on famous Pan flute players Edgar Muanela’s name came up along with many others. Edgar is native American from Vancouver BC, Canada.

        I did more searching and yes Rani is correct they are the Oscar and Pablo Vega brothers born in the Andes mountain in Ecuador . They learnt to play musical instruments from age 6. They stated playing together and later went their separate ways touring different countries. Now they are back together ;



  5. Thank you Rani for sharing the beautiful piece of music . Did you enjoy watching the Lunar eclipse on the 31st. We in London have to wait patiently until the 27th of July .




    1. Yes Marina I was able to watch the total Lunar eclipse and the blood moon very clearly viewing it through my bed room window, I didn’t go out as it was cold hope u too had at least a glimpse of it


  6. Rani– this was just awsome … shed a few tears now, here, in Sedona, Arizona, watching the Sedona Sunrise and listening to Spanish Eyes Through Indian Eyes ..
    It was just gut wrenchingly moving … this is all I can say .

    The Spanish guitar sure tugged at my own heart strings ,and the Pan Flute- was a reminder of my own flute that I will play in the days to come, some where out in the Red Rock Canyons of Sedona , during my 8 wk stay here .

    These Ancient People of South America and North America, suffered great cruelties, and survived, during the long and dark Spanish Conquest Occupation , of years gone by, like most Native Americans , even here in Arizona.– Hopi Nations to be exact ( google for more info if you want )– All in the Name of Civilization and Assimilation .

    This Song by these two Ecuadorian brothers – is one of True Reconciliation – a Great Step Forward .

    Thanks a lot Rani– it sure gave me a good start for the day today- 3rd Feb.

    Beautiful ….



  7. Thanks for the comments.Did the musical clip evoke ” EMOTIONAL “SYNESTHESIA”musical perceptions causing emotional response.

    To all those 64 dear batch mates, who felt sad while listening to the clip,, my musical analysis is that , Music is one of many Ways ,that “feel things,”

    Sad music not only evoke sadness, researchers have found ,listening to sad music actually makes you feel. Happier,more romantic,and less doomed?
    Pardon me if I am wrong,

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    1. Well my dear Rani– Spanish Eyes sure gave me good start for the day, and I ‘went on the land ‘ for the first time since I arrived in sedona 2 days ago and saw my old friend the Bald Eagle !

      I had a very rough 2 days and today, your song helped me, and the Bald Eagle did the rest .
      I actually sang The Eagle Honour Song – in Ojibway, to the Eagle, when I was alone with eagle, and I think it ‘knows ‘ my voice as this particular Eagle, always hangs around at this park, and I have done this for a few good years .

      Another strange thing —-today is 3rd day of the month and I first sighted the bird at 3.33 pm !
      Kind of creepy- but, there it is anyway !

      Now I am feeling real good – thanks a lot —- eagled.


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