5 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment”

  1. Thanks Rani for this interesting post.According to the commentary 250 K hits, predominantly from India.It is an alternative expression of the grace and beauty of traditional ice skating to western music.In my view the Indian music and movements are jarring and does not have the beauty and grace of ice skating that we are accustomed to .But,tastes differ, and obviously the Indians are giving it a thumbs up.! Eddie.


  2. I am not skating expert- but, the dance was well done apparently with all the technical moves executed well .
    NIce Indian Costumes and it was good to hear the sound of the Indian Singers on the world stage at the Vancouver Olympics .
    Yes agree with Eddie- quite different to what I am used to seeing and hearing in Canada/ USA etc , but, nice to see something different too .
    Thanks Rani for the post .



  3. I enjoyed the ice skating to Indian music. I understand the fluidic movements of the skating to western music is not seen here. Then again the jarring , staccato movements are more difficult to perform on ice. For that reason I liked it better. Perhaps the judges are looking for something different.

    Thanks Rani for posting the video.



  4. Yes I loved the dance. It is very entertaining. At the moment Ice skating championships are on here in UK and I watch them every Sunday. This is a change from the normal that we are used to and I enjoyed it. Thanks Rani for posting it. Praxy


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