Cool Stuff- Part 2 !-Deepthie


EagleD on Dog Sled Ride- Winter- 2005.

Back then, I had neighbours who had 4 lovely Husky Sled Dogs  and they took
me on the most memorable and ONLY REAL Dog Sled Ride I have had in all the
40 or so ‘Snows ‘  I have lived through in Canada .

Here are two photos –
When the Dog Sled Taxi Pick Up came to my home and  me in the woods having a
wonderful ride !
Photo of me in the woods- this is where I spend a lot of my time , after
the snow melts .

I am not much of a ‘dog lover ‘ — but, the Husky Dogs- tug at my heart
strings- perhaps because they are part wolf and I have a  ‘Special
Connection ‘ with  Wolves,  Bears , and Red Foxes !– not to mention Snakes
and Owls .

Enjoy the Dog Sled Ride !

9 thoughts on “Cool Stuff- Part 2 !-Deepthie”

  1. Dear Deepthie,
    You are born to enjoy! Looks like that you have done everything. I NV you. I have no strength to do all these (Touch Wood)
    Back then you needed 4 dogs to pull you ! How about now? 2 enough? (Just kidding)


    1. Hey my dear Good Man of Sydney !
      I think, still need 4 husky dogs to pull me along –but my neighbors have relocated else where – so I dont know- to give you the correct answer to your question .

      You are right when you say, I am “born to enjoy “–
      Life is Short—– that is why I took an early retirement, burnt a HUGE Hole in The Wallet- while I could still put one foot in front of the other , and Iam still alive to tell the tale !!
      cooleaglewoman !


  2. Hi Deepthie, The huskies are beautiful dogs and the sled ride must have been a unique experience which few Sri Lankans would have experienced.You are the lucky one.The closest that I can remember and think about is in the 19888 song by Johnny Horton titled North to Alaska,If you get a chance have a listen to it.Eddie.


      1. I thought ” North to Alaska “- was a song from the 50’s ?/
        Another one to check with Dr Google !


    1. Good morning Eddie- !
      I do recall that lovely song ” North to Alaska’ back in the 50’s and I got a bad case of Arctic Fever after that !

      Yes, I think I am one of the few SL to have done this .

      But, I had SL friends in Iqaluit ( Nunavut ) and he went on a REAL Dog Sled ride with Inuit friends on the sea ice, and he just about froze , despite wearing two sets caribou wind pants seal skin parka ( jacket ), seal skin boots etc and all the other warm stuff .
      He said he was cold for two days where as his Inuit friends were just fine !!

      The the Caribou Inner pants- are to be worn with the fur next to the skin, and the outer pants worn, with the fur on the outside
      I spent time with them in Iqaluit back in 2002 sept – just before they got re -located else where .
      But, I did play around a lot with a pet Husky ( named Kafka !! ) while I was in Iqaluit

      There are areas a bit north of where I live, where there are special Out Fitters- who do this as a Tourist Attraction in Feb and this is very popular form of Winter Fest Activities .

      I first saw this for REAL when I was living in Ottawa- back in Feb 1975- where there the Annual Dog Sled Race, went just past my home , and I got hooked on to it from the word ‘get – go’ !
      I recall standing on road side, with my three very young children- the youngest just under a year old bundled up in a Baby Sled, and the other two toddlers in snow suits + hot chocolate bottles !!

      Something very interesting happened to me at the sight and sound of these Huskies as they raced passed me …..- and I will tell you all about it, when we meet in Beruwala .

      Right now, there are a few Competitive Sled Dog Races going on in the Arctic provinces-one is about a1000 km ride- starting somewhere in Canada, and ending up in Nome- Alaska .
      I should look up Dr Google for the current Dog Sled Races going on now .

      Thanks for the response and I am glad you enjoyed Cool Stuff- part 2 !
      Cooleaglewoman !


  3. Dear Deepthie
    What beautiful photos of Huskies. When we went to Greenland I was hoping to see them but unfortunately it was their Summer and all that we enjoyed was daylight at 2 am in the morning as there was no night time. Praxy


    1. Hey Bionic Nona !
      Good to hear back from you, after your exotic travels to the East !

      To go on a Dog Sled- you will have to brave the winter cold of Igloo Countries !

      Yes- I LOVE Husky Dogs – and there are few dogs in my area, that are pets- tied up – and I feel sad when I see them as I do my walks and say ‘hello’ to them .
      These dogs are part wolf- part dog and are really ‘working dogs ‘- and the pure form is still bred in the Arctic areas for use as sled runners .

      I visited a sled dog breeding location in Churchill, Manitoba, where I went to see Polar Bears and Beluga Whales some years back
      Today, these Huskies are fed with real meat- seal, caribou, post dated meat from local grocery stores .
      It was really something to see these dogs at feeding time !
      To own a sled/ husky is now a luxury .

      In Greenland- when I was there a few yrs ago- Huskies are NOT pets- but, ‘working dogs ‘ and we were told to stay away from the fences of the homes that had these dogs .
      In Greenland- snow mobiles are NOT allowed out on the land for hunting use and people HAVE to use Husky dogs / Sleds to go hunt Seal and Muskox.

      There is a sad story that happened in Canada in the early 50’s in the Arctic- where the Huskies were shot by the RCMP- on some vague ” colonisation – civilization ‘ excuse – with devastating results to both man and beast , and recently, the Canadian govt eventually gave a public Apology to the Inuit people — more info on Dr Google !

      Lesson For The Day – on Husky Dogs by eaglewoman !


  4. Correction –

    I looked up Google .
    There has been NO Apology to date, from the Gov of Canada for the Inuit Dog Killing by RCMP between the years 1950’s – 1970’s , though the Inuit people from Nunavut and Quebec are requesting an Apology .
    A movie is being made by National Film Board of Canada on this issue — see Google on this for more info .


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