Ceremonial hair cut in Kataragama -Ariya



Took grand daughter Ariana for her maiden hair cut
Traditionally done in Kataragama on hallowed ground
Viscinity of the blessed Menik river on a chosen plot
We gathered while grand mother performned the act

While we were there for good measure
Ariya Joined a local ‘Kavadi dance, party
The beat of the drum was trendy
Even though my joints were creaky

Ariya 1


6 thoughts on “Ceremonial hair cut in Kataragama -Ariya”

  1. Thank you Ariya for the lovely post on the First Hair Cut at Kataragama .

    I am glad that you were able to do this in the Old Tradition-
    Your family is very fortunate to be a part of this , at a time, when Old Traditions are getting eroded with 21 Century Civilization !

    I do recall- the First Hair Cut of my own daughter back in 1971 in Srilanka- and my mother ( a real Colomba Nona ! ) was just mad that I cut off that lovely hair off the head of her first grandchild .
    This was a real Kodak Moment- and I still have those pics of my daughter- with my mom carrying her, after the hair cut !!

    But, the other grandmother from Maligatenna, Kadugannawa was very happy about it .
    I bet, she did it the Old Way for all of her 12 children born and raised in Kadugannawa .
    Just goes to show how different people view things differently, even in the same country as far back as almost 50 yrs ago.

    Now, my daughter is 47 yrs old- and still has a very lovely head raven black hair , same for her own grown three children .

    By the way- it just crossed my mind- I must be the ONLY girl in the Class of 64 that still has long hair??? ( though white as a snowy owl !!!) .
    At least , I did not notice any one else, at the RU- 2014- Beruwala.– remains to be corrected !!



  2. As Deepthie said, in the same country, different people do differently. Hindus used to shave the head when the baby is 31 days old (usually done by a barber – a ceremony) – very few follow this now! My in-laws (Brahmins) shave the head when the baby is 1 year old. That’s what happened to one of my grand daughter. The others were not shaved at all. – 21st century style !!

    Unlike me, there are so many batch mates with heaps of hair. I am bald because I forgot to use fertilizers. The best fertilizer is Cow Dung. Did you use that or chicken manure? ( no offence}


  3. Lovely pics Ariya. I shaved my daughter’s head hair in Nine months because she lacked hair. My son in law shaved my grand daughter’s head hair in six months. No tradition.


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