6 thoughts on “CURE FOR CANCER- Nisantha”

  1. Dear Nisantha,
    I was looking for something like this, but 1500 per day sounds a lot. May be if I can do at least 500 per day, there may be about 33% relief – Something is better than nothing !


  2. Seelan you are right.

    I sent this to my nephew in San Francisco and he told me that the Chinese community there practices this along with Tai Chi and other exercises. As you may have guessed we have only a few examples. Use your judgement .

    The conductors of Orchestras throughout history have lived to a ripe old age. Moving the arms constantly is supposed to be the reason. I do not think anyone has done any scientific studies as yet.



  3. Ok Nisantha-

    Easy Does it !!
    You got one good ‘convert’ on the Swing Arm Exercise program !
    I will pass on this message to a few people I know, who will likely benefit from it .
    Thanks a lot for Life Lessons !


  4. Thanks Nisantha for this interesting post about QiQong exercises,Cancer and skin disorders.We all know of the many oops in Medicine!!
    First the neurologist may not have had cancer to begin with but again the immune system in humans can rid body of cancers.Hence the current successful treatments with PD1 and PDL1 inhibitors( Programmed cell death inhibitors) for disseminated melanoma etc.
    Therefore it is possible that the neuronsurgeon’s cancer could have been cured naturally but again there is a mention of chemotherapy.?He does not mention the initial histology.
    Exercise and vegetarianism are both good for all of us and should be practised in moderation.As for swinging one’s arm two thousand times a day in the manner demonstrated is far too excessive.The shoulder joint was not made for excessive pendular motion, although natural gait has pendular motion of both upper limbs( a feature lacking in early Parkinson’s disease).Doing that particular exercise from an early age may end up with OA of the shoulder and ?. Shoulder replacement surgery.
    Having said all this, Chinese medicine has a long history of many simple cures.Western medicine has had it’s share of quacks too.Much of this coming to light in the exhibitions currently running in the Royal college of Physicians in London as we celebrate the quincentenary of the initiation in 1518 by Henry V111.Eddie.


  5. HI Nisantha and Eddie !
    Nice discussion .

    Everything in Moderation – is my Mantra .
    Do what you can, within limits of your ability/ age etc .

    I have a bit of sore rt shoulder after some idiot stuff I did in the garden in the summer and shovelling snow 2 wks ago .
    So will do the shoulder movements – within my limits, and it will even help the existing soreness .
    Also using the good rub of the good old Siddharta Ointment .

    Bionic Woman- waiting to hear her views– she must be getting over jet lag after that exotic trip to Burma !


  6. Dear Nisantha,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful video clip. It says it is good for back ache too. I have it all the time and taking painkillers for it. Having had two spinal operations and surgeons being unable to do any more for it I started doing this Immediately. Only thing is I was able to manage it 100 times only but I will do it right throughout the day as I am happy to do anything to get relief from this back ache.

    Does any one know of any other exercises to do for back ache apart from Pilates? Of so please let me know. Praxy


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