18 thoughts on “Brain Exercises- Eddie”

  1. Thanks Eddie. I shall try to do these exercises as often as I can. They were not easy when I tried it the first time. Hopefully they get easier as time goes by. If not I am in big trouble.



  2. No worries Nisantha.It is really brain exercise , very much on the lines of physical exercise.I think it should do all of us good in the long run..Eddie


  3. Thanks Eddie for your Sterling efforts to keep our neurones intact

    Mine is beyond repair and ashamed to say I failed on every count

    But I am not giving up easily will keep on trying to stop the decline

    As intellectual faculties, stance & cordination are my life’s essence



  4. Thanks Eddie !
    Will have a ‘go at it ‘ !– and see how it works for me , as I am a bit ‘slow on the uptake ‘ !

    Nisantha- I did the ‘hand movements ‘ today – felt good after !- did it nearly times. during my morning walk at minus 13 Deg C — kept me warm too !

    Sent it to some friends who have some tough issues with cancers -ALL of them liked it .

    Thanks to both of you and to Sam – eagleD


  5. Deepthie, Enjoy your break in Arizona.Do not worry too much about the brain exercises. Your head and heart are both in good shape. Eddie.


    1. gee- you give me lots of hope !!
      I heard back from my Arctic Bird expert- I will fwd you his note on the question of the snowy owl that you asked me .
      Thanks Eddie- for all your good work on the web !!– keep it up !


  6. Eddie, The Brain Excersices were terrific. To be honest, I did badly the first time. They seem like “Piece of Cake” first. But when you do it, not easy. I will be doing these every morning I turn computer on, & also side benefit: good thoughts of you & Indra!!!
    Thank you Eddie, that was terrific. WIMAL FERNANDO.


    1. Hi Wimal, Have not heard from you for sometime.I did send you an e mail a few days after the cyclone hit Marco island.But, I knew that you were moving up the coast to Sarasota to Sam’s place.Hope the damage to your garden was not too much. Sam did say that you had some damage to the structure covering your pool. Today, the past must be only a bad memory.Keep well. Regards to you and Iranthie. Eddie.


  7. Dear Eddie
    Thanks or the brain exercises. They are very helpful to us Septuagenarians as Ariya calls us. Tried them, . But found them especially the hand exercises a bit difficult. Will continue to persevere with them. Thanks for putting them in the blog for us. Praxy


  8. Dear Eddie,
    Would it be possible for you to send me the brain exercises as an email so that I cam send it to my friends, especially to one whose memory seems to be getting worse. Thanks. Praxy


  9. Eddie- could you add me to the list of e-mails that you are sending this to ?
    I need this – or will need it Big Time !! as a preventative measure !f
    oldeaglewoman !


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