Celebration of Life- Kamala Gomez

Dear all
It is with sadness that i forward the message just recieved  from Lucky in Canada. Our sympathies are with Gazpas and children
Lakshmen and Gita
Gomez – Dr Kamala  (nee Abeywickrema)
Dearly beloved wife of Gaspar, loving mother of Shehana and Niki (MAS Holdings), mother in law of Stefano, passed away peacefully in Chichester, West Sussex, UK on Monday 22nd January 2018.
Much loved sister of Kulasena, Dr Palitha (Australia), Ananda, Malini, Ratna & Karuna. Daughter of the late Mr & Mrs D.A. Abeywickrema of Yatiyana
Her funeral service will be held at the Chichester crematorium on Wednesday 7th February 2018 at 11 am.
A Thanksgiving Service for the life of Kamala will be held on Wednesday 7th February at 5 pm at St. Theresa’s Church, Thimbirigasyaya 
Ranjith A



Marina Rayappu -PIC122 copy

Kellas of the 60's ---IMG_5184 (2)


It is with great sadness that I write this …
I cannot even get my head around to write  tribute to my dear friend
Kamala, as my heart is sooo broken now ….

Gaspar- My Deepest Sympathies to you, and your two lovely daughters-
You have been such a GREAT support  to Kamala and family, and GREAT source
of Inspiration and Courage for the Class of 64 .
I will never forget the song you sang for Kamala on that Friday Night
concert, and all I can remember , is I was crying buckets of tears, and you
were sooo very brave, singing the song for Kamala …
Gaspar- you have such lovely memories of your Life and Times with Kamala-
that will give you the strength to move on .
You could not have done anymore than what you did to care for her so very
lovingly during her illness for nearly 15 years —  A Testimony to True Love

I remember you my dear Kamala, the very FIRST DAY you walked into  the
Block- via Norris Canal Rd- with the books in your hand  ,  two long black
braids gently swaying with that most famous gentle swinging walk of yours !
You were staying with your  doctor older brother at that time , who was
sooo very protective of his pretty little sister ( you were the youngest in
the family ) that he even sent an Aiya to follow behind you , so the boys
would not ‘rag ‘ you !!
I will never ever forget this day, as long as I live, and Rajes was also
with me, standing next to me watching you walk along Norris Canal Rd !
And, I do seem to  recall, even Gaspar and a few other guys  standing and
watching you walking along Norris Canal Rd, that fine morning,  and I think,
it was Love at First Sight for Gaspar  and the Rest is History …

After the Girls Hostel girl  hostel was built,  you were in the Girls
Hostel,with the rest of us , for the next five years , on the 3rd Floor-
with  the naughty ones, with Stella as your room mate .There was my self,
Rajes, Maha , and Saradamani  on the 3rd floor . and we sure had good times

Sweet, Sweet  Kamala, in her own sweet Dream World- as we used to say back
then, as nothing would ruffle you, always calm, gentle, with that ever
present sweet, sweet smiling face , no matter what the situations was .
I recall- coming to your room in the hostel- just to be with you, to clear
my head so to speak,  and  let some of that gentleness of yours to rub off
on to me, when ever things bothered me , and my head was spinning around !
I recall all the lies I had to tell your mom and dad, when you went
sneaking out with Gaspar,  met with an accident and  broke your hand one
fine night !
But, I had to tell our subwarden- Dr Phyllis Costa- the truth !
Oh My God- I will never forget this episode- Gaspar- I wonder if you
remember this !!!
Gaspar- was Deva and Stella were  also in the car also that fun night ?
Those were the days !!

Those were good days Kamala- and I am glad I have such a good memory for
these things .
Then, we met in UK – 1989 RU- you and Gaspar- and we had such a good time .
This photo above is us at that time- which I call the Kellas of the Sixties

Then, I came and visited you and Gaspar in UK back in the late 90’s, spent
a night at your home, and you made such a good meal for me,  and  treated me
right royally .
You both visited me in my condo in Mississauga, Ontario- Canada , when
Gaspar came to visit his sister in Ontario .
I attended your older daughter’s wedding too, in Srilanka, in 2001 January
I think .
A pity I don’t have any photos of those events ,  with me right now, for
the Class of 64 to see .

Kamala  My  Sweet  Friend- May You Attain Nibanna and Live Happy  in the
Eternal Garden of Flowers ….
Gaspar- to you I say- Hold On to The Sweet Memory of Sweet Kamala for your
Future Strength ..

Your  Loving Friend- Deepthie .



Kamala’s Funeral arrangements
Dear All.
Biga phoned me just now asking me  to insert the cremation details of Kamala in the blog. as Gaspar had asked him to let all of us know the details.
Date – 7th February at 11am.
At Chichester Crematorium  ( near St Richards Hospital )
49/51 Spittalfield Lane.
West Sussex.
Post Code  PO19 6SG ( For Sat nav )
Phone number 01243 839777.
Thank you.


24 thoughts on “Celebration of Life- Kamala Gomez”

  1. Piching and I were sad to hear the news that Kamala is not with us anymore.

    Gone from our sight but never from our hearts. Gaspa and all your loved ones , may loving memories of Kamala bring you peace , comfort and strength today and for ever .May our condolences give you comfort and our prayers ease the pain of your loss.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda

    ” Like a bird singing in the rain , let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow ”

    Robert Louis Stevenson


  2. Dear Gaspa and children

    Accept my heartfelt condolences. The last few years had been very difficult to her and all of you .

    May her soul Rest in Peace



  3. Very sad news indeed. Kathy and I join the rest of the Batch’64 in offering our heartfelt condolences to Gaspa and the family
    Sam & Kathy


  4. It is a sad day for Gomez family and for the entire batch sixty four’

    Having lost a beautiful friend sincere and the fragrance of a flower

    My dear Gaspar in your hour of deep grief we are with you altogether

    Weep for the loss of a kind hearted lady, immaculate and very dear



  5. Please accept our HEARTFELT CONDOLENCE to you and your children
    May her soul Rest In Peace no more suffering


  6. Gaspar, Our condolences for your loss. Kamala was a great girl. Have fond memories of her. May she rest in peace. No more pain & Anguish.



  7. Dear Gaspa,

    My hearfelt sympathies to you and your family. I know what Kamala and you all went through over the last many years. As mentioned above i like to remember the happy times at
    medical school. She was so beautiful and always well dressed and was so innocent. cannot forget her walk. we visited her in hospital when she had the fracture, and I recall Ananda singing away “My fair lady” songs. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your children. May her soul rest in peace.



  8. Gaspar and children.Our heartfelt sympathy .Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.Eddie and Indra.


  9. Dear Gaspar
    Pl accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Kamala. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of great loss
    Satha. & Selvi


  10. Dear Gaspar and family members

    Please accept our heart condolences on the lose of Kamala. May her soul rest in pease.


  11. Please Accept our deepest sympathies Gaspar, to you and your family. At the last RU you demonstrated how much you loved Kamala. Couldn’t hold back tears. We had the good fortune to have Kamala in our “A” sig group all thru med school. She was a smart, shy, beautiful, friendly and very innocent young lady. We were sad to hear of her illness and now her departure, perhaps a journey to a better place. At this time of great sorrow, we pray for divine help for you and your family. dharma and Yogamany.


  12. Dear Gaspar,

    I wish to extend to you, and your children , My Heart felt sorrow, and Condolences.

    May Memories of Kamala, and the Love of Family, surround you, and give you strength,in the days ahead.


  13. Dear Gasper,
    My greatest Sympathies to you and your family.
    I was grately saddened by the news of her passing away. I remembered how we studied together in the girl’s hostel.
    May she attain Nibbana!


  14. Dear Gaspar & Children,
    We feel very sad to hear the loss of a beautiful & talented lady.
    Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    Seelan & Jean


  15. Message from ShaukatDear Sam
    Just to inform you and for the information of the batchmates that Kamala (Gaspar’s wife and our batchmate) sadly passed away on Mon 22nd Jan after a long illness….May she R.I.P…..
    The funeral date is probably Wed 7th Feb (11am) at Crematorium, Chichester, UK and will be confirmed this week


  16. Dear Gaspar

    Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Kamala your dear wife. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of great loss.My thoughts go back to the fond memories of both you & Kamala during our care free Medical College days.

    May She Rest in Peace

    Best Regards,

    Dalpe & Priyankarie


  17. Dear Gaspar and Children,
    Please accept our deepest sympathies at the passing away of Kamala. We knew you cared for her throughout he long illness and your song at the RU 64 was your loving testimony for her and we were all touched. She was unassuming and a good friend. She has passed to a better life . We hope that religion and friends will help you all to bear this irreparable loss.
    Narme and Nirmali


  18. Dear Gaspar and children,
    I am very sorry to hear that Kamala had passed away. No doubt you all had a very traumatic few years and at last she is R.I.P. may the sincere and heart felt sympathies of 64’batchmates sustain you in your hour of need. Annesley


    1. Dear Gaspar, our deepest sympathy on Kamala’s passing away. She was a lovely person and it was a privilege to have known her.

      Ana and Indira


  19. Dear Gaspar
    Sorry to hear the sad news. It has been a tragic few years to you and Kamala and the family. Please accept our deepest sympathies and may she RIP.
    David & Rajini


  20. Dear Gaspar,
    We arrived from Burma just a little while ago and were very saddened to hear that Kamal passed away. Please accept our deepest sympathies. The last time we met her was, at the RU held in Melbourne. She was such a lovely girl and always ‘Calm Cool and Collected ‘ and nothing seemed to bother her. She will for ever be in our memories. May she rest in peace. Please let us know when the funeral will be and the address Thank you. Praxy and Ranjit


  21. Dear Gaspar and Family

    Please accept our deepest sympathies and Heartfelt condolences at Kamala’s loss. May she rest in peace.
    Will keep you and your family in our prayers. Sorry for the delay in sending this message as we are on a ship visiting some Islands in the Pacific ocean where Telecommunication is quite bad.

    Ranjit & Shanthi


  22. Dear Gaspa and children
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences at this difficult time.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.Grace of God will help and guide you in this difficult time. Maithri


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