9 thoughts on “Update from Rani”

  1. Thanks Rani for the information. Hope there will be no cloud cover here in Pennsylvania USA to see the once in a blue moon phenomenon. According to the map Eastern USA is not the best place to see this rare occurrence.



  2. Thanks Rani for the post on the Total Lunar Eclipse – Jan 31- Blue Moon meaning the second full moon in one calendar month .

    I will be able to view it from my home town in Southern Ontario – at least a partial one, in the early hours of the morning , while those on the West coast- British Columbia will have a 100% Eclipse on their door step.

    Australia- too will have front row seats for this Lunar Show .– Luck Folks !!

    I get all my Astronomy knowledge stuff from ‘ Sky News Magazin ‘ – a Canadian Astronomy mag , that I have been subscribing to for the past 20 yrs, – only one of two subscriptions I contribute to- the other being Canadian Geographic .

    Take a look at my post on Dec 21- Solstice Day – 2017- for a brief account of the Total Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon on Solstice Day Dec 20/21 – 2010– with photos taken by me, from my front door step in the early hours of the morning .

    I also wrote a neat little story on how Christopher Columbus used this phenomenon of the Total Lunar Eclipse to save his crew from the wrath of the Arawak Native people of Jamaica – when they got stranded in Jamaica in the late 1400’s .

    Thanks again – for The Once In a Blue Moon Post .
    By the way- I was born on a Full Moon Day- ( like most babies we used to rush to deliver back at Castle St/ DMH ! ) and I do go a bit nutty on Full Moon Days !!-


  3. Marina, you will be able to find out the timings , by using the NASA Eclipse Calculator , I will be posting it.

    Thanks to Sam he will post it .


  4. Thank you Rani, the storehouse of knowledge in ’64 entry batch

    For once again illuminating us with facts & knowledge so much

    ”Blue moon’, ‘Super moon’, ”dirty or dusty moon’ or ‘the bloody moon’

    Ariya, learnt today, thanks to you, all of the above about the Full moon

    One fateful day when the day became dark by losing the mighty rays of the solar

    I remember as a kid gulping cups of ‘ Vadha kaha’ to enhance my looks & memory power

    Unfortunately, nothing beneficial happened, I became a forgetful dud, as you are very familiar

    Our’ ‘encyclopaedia’ of the batch, tell me if I drink the same for ‘Blue-moon’ will I be a debonaire?

    This sad Ariya with much hope flew across the seven seas & came to mother Lanka

    Hoping to reap benefits from the cluster of events you alluded visible mostly to Asia

    So my dear pal, help this miserabke fellow, is their a concoction I should swollow

    To cancel the ill-effects of ‘Vadha kaha’ I drank in gallons as a teeny, weeny fellow



  5. Thanks Ariya, now all of us know the secret, of your transformation.Youe debonair charm,magnetic captivating good looks,and unlimited medical knowledge was a result of gulping down a gallon of Wadakaha Sudiya, during the Eclipse in Srilanka.

    My humble advice is that another 2 gallons of UK brewed Wadakaha Sudiya . On the Super Moon Lunar eclipse day, will certainly , qualify you,to be crowned as the “SAGE Of Batch 64”


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