8 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment”

  1. Thanks Eddie for sharing this video. It is strange that a friend of mine sent this video via an e mail to me this morning. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Glad that you sent it to Sam so that all our batch mates could enjoy it.



    1. Thanks Nisantha.I too received it only yesterday and thought it may interest all our batch mates.The vocals are definitely by an Australian.There is another delightful song called “ Sydney 2000” by John Williamson.It is worth listening to.Edde.


  2. Land of My Dreams … with my Head in The Clouds and Feet on The Ground …

    Then, when I wake up- I know where I am- currently in an Igloo !!!!

    This is one of the things I do- for Life Lessons !!!

    Oh by the way folks- those sweet school girls in their nice white uniforms, long braids , look just like us Good Convent Girls – and ALL the other girls in our Class of 64 !!

    Source for Comfort- Beruwala- Oct 2018 .

    Hurrah !!!!

    eagleDdreamer ….


  3. Yes, Deepthie.Girls in pristine white school uniforms and long black plaits are a feature of every city and village in Sri Lanka.Very pleasing indeed.The uniforms remain white and clean despite the dusty and warm tropical weather.Yes, of course thanks to their dutiful mothers you will say or the traditional but now extinct “Ayah”.Eddie.

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    1. I think both Mothers and Ayah’s have gone to Middle East it seems , and the kids are raised by grandmothers . Anyway- nice photo of the school girls and lovely song and lovely video .
      Thanks- eagleDdreamer !


  4. Garry Ellis, the famous Australian Country musician – cannot resist listening to his Albums. His wife Preeyanie is SriLankan


  5. Dear Eddie,
    What a wonderful song. It brings back fond memories of the land I left behind. Had the opportunity to listen to it only today. Thanks for sharing it with us. Praxy


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