14 thoughts on “Life lessons- Ruthraj”

  1. Thanks, Eddie, for the. simple but very useful message

    How to improve the quality of of life and to live long

    Pleased to see ‘Social interaction’ has come on top

    Sam gave us the web for an electronic ‘social intercourse’



    1. Thanks Ariya. this study is not new.Many years ago a study was conducted in two villages in China.The villages were far apart and the study was to determine the health benefits of drinking tea.The results showed that one village although drinking a similar number of cups of tea did better in all health parameters and longevity.The difference was in this village friends and relatives dropped by without prior notice and enjoyed cups of tea with the inmates.Hence the socialising rather than the tea was the difference.Did we not do this in our homes in Sri Lanka?Eddie.


  2. Thanks Eddie for posting this video. Now I can cut down on my exercise and talk to the pretty lady who walks the dog.

    Amazing how we begin to think that eating right and exercise was on top of the list and now it is not as important. Now I can have a piece of that Apricot pie and a big scoop of French vanilla ice cream and not feel guilty about it.

    Our web page as Ariya pointed out helps us in our social interactions. Thanks to Sam.



    1. Thanks to Sam for this interaction.We must promote this activity and subscribe to it.Per haps We should start a fund raise for 2018..
      I get your point about the pretty neighbour walking the dog.Beware, the statistics do not include gun shot injuries by jealous partners.! Eddie


    2. Dear Nisantha,

      Noted your interaction to Eddie’s message, on human longevity

      Read your thoughts, any excuse for a chat with ”dog walking, lady’

      As mind is the forerunner for action, thought and word, every

      Social interaction though any channel would be a receipe to be healthy

      By giving us this wonderful pathe to communicae

      Sam has given a tool to talk to every batch mate

      My guess is, if we continue to travel on that path

      Could harness the benefits from spreading warmth



  3. Thanks to Sam for giving us an opportunity to engage in social interaction via the blog.Thanks to Rudra for posting the video,

    I am glad to know that I fit in to the category of strongest predictor of social interaction, “Playing Bridge”

    Not only playing Bridge , but considered as a Bridge instructor , among my Bridge club friends


    1. Yes, Simone.Bridge clearly involves a lot of social interaction but more importantly delays age related cognitive impairment.. You are certainly on the right prescription. Eddie.


  4. Thanks Eddie posting this Video. Its very thought provoking.
    I used play bridge in the Medical school in the first year. Recently started again with few colleagues of mine.
    I should interact with my neighbours more.



    1. Good on you Swarna,. My experience of the local bridge club is that it is full of older ladies. Husbands left at home or predeceased ? but they are all very good at it.


  5. Thanks Eddie for the most ‘thought provoking post ‘ as Swarna says .

    I for one — dont smoke, dont drink, dont fool around, eat well, sleep well, do daily walks.– all the right things we were told for a Good and Healthy Life .

    What I DONT do- is Social Interaction – as I live in a very small rural community , where the winter population is even smaller, and we dont have post man either !

    There are ‘dog walkers ‘ and I dont like dogs and ‘dog talk ‘.

    I dont play cards.

    I dont belong to a book club- as my choice of reading material does not appeal to the ‘main stream ‘ folks in my area , and I dont suffer fools ( !! ) and I dont want to open my mouth and put my foot into it !

    I gave 15 yrs of my life to the local garden club- and quit .

    I go Bird Watching with Bird Nerds in the area- from time to time- and now, the Snowy Owl Prowl- is a major past time for me !

    The Only group activity I regularly participate ,is the weekly Drum Circle at the Local Community Health Centre where we have Traditional Healers and regular MD’s.
    We sing in many Native languages – a few songs in English and none in French .
    I am the ONLY Indian- Indian in the group.

    I have with me- as I step out of the front door , the Life Giving Water before my Eyes, Trees on my Back, Mother Earth for my Feet, and Sky , Sun, Moon and Stars on my Shoulders… and Birds all around me to sing for me .
    Somehow, I do not have this Need for Social Interaction with all this around me .

    I have time to Dream- with my Head in The Clouds and Feet on the Ground .

    Now , since Sam started the Blog- I have my ‘ Social Interaction ‘ to Fill My Soul with a Great Food Source for Survival !
    A BIG Thank You to you Sam and all those around the Four Directions of the World, who participate in the Class of 64 Blog and I really, really LOVE It !

    I guess, if this theory is true — with NO Social Interactions on a Physical level- like talking to REAL people, will I be the First to reach the Pearly Gates ?? .

    Sit Tight and Wait and See for Seven Years !!

    — Oh- I forgot- I do want to Live to be around for the next Total Eclipse of The Sun in 2024 I think, – for which I will have a Prime Centre Front Seat in Southern Ontario .
    And — again- like I did for the Eclipse we had on Aug 21- 2017- I prefer to be Alone- with the Sound of Silence around me, to watch this Celestial Event-

    Advice for those smokers and surapana lovers and couch potato folks, tv news junkies, just keep on doing what you have been doing all this time , and Enjoy Living !

    Quality of Life–and not the Length of Life- is My Mantra !-at least in my opinion !!

    eagleDoldwoman !!!


  6. Thanks Deepthie.When you bare your soul ,you are interacting socially. As I see it, Your life is full and you do not have to do anything more. You indulge in activities that satisfy your soul,(beating drum, singing together, enjoying other first world cultures ) and these are all group activities, the essence of socialising.
    I have not read the original article but I suspect that this study was more to highlight one of the most devastating effects of old age, Loneliness.
    I believe that with ageing and loss of partners in the process, loneliness becomes the major component of daily life.If one is not prepared for this and is not addressed it can be the weak link in maintaining good health.Enjoy the beautiful things you do and experience.Your contributions to our web portal are enjoyed by all and that is socialising. Warm regards. Eddie.


    1. Thanks a lot Eddie – and Many Thanks To The Web Master for this most wonderful Social Interaction we have with each other, around the globe- it is a Global Village- tied into the Spider Web !
      Yes- The Class of 64 Web is a Major Food Source for my Soul !!!
      So, I think I am ok for a while –
      See you in Beruwala- this will be The Once In A Blue Moon Chance for all of us -till we meet again, Beyond The Stars ….


  7. Dear Deepthi, You interact enough with the nature and see beauty in the plants , birds, and the mother earth. I am sure this will keep you healthy for a very long time.



    1. Thank you Swarna– you sure give me HOPE !!
      Went on the Snowy Owl Prowl with my Bird Nerd friend y’ day and had a blast !


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