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8 thoughts on “Life lessons- Nisantha”

  1. HI Nisantha,

    “Resolve All Conflicts before you Die ” — so said the Elder to the Youth as Life Lesson .

    Thank you sooo very much for this Wisdom of Life – that very few really believe in .

    Conflict- is the Mantra of Today’s World- and we see it all round the world every day .
    It seems to keep the World Going ! so to speak .

    Is Conflict something that is ‘ego driven ‘ ? like the story of the two brothers that built a wall in middle of the house ?
    I am wondering …

    There are many Walls that divide us and keep us apart- the Big one, going to come up anytime soon, is not too , too far from us …
    It is The Belief that The Wall will right the wrong and resolve the conflict …

    Germany broke down The Wall- as it did not Right The Wrong and did not Resolve the Conflict , and there are so many Walls that have come up since , to keep some folks In and some folks Out .

    Conflict — Time to Ponder .. Food For Thought Before You Die …

    It was very reassuring to listen to the young lad Deepak saying what he said- and the Lesson he learned from the Old Man .

    There is Hope … After All …

    Thanks Nisantha for this post –



  2. Thanks Nisantha for this thought provoking post.Yes, reconciliation is best every time, and Mr Shukla’s observation is astute. However, some of the terminal decisions made by persons at death’s door may cause repercussions on the near and dear left behind although it relieves the dying person of previous irrational decisions.(eg breaking the wall between two families who have been living apart in the same house).
    The video shows people who look too well to die in 2 weeks.The diagnosis of dying is difficult especially in circumstances where proper terminal care is unavailable(India) for the terminally ill.Even with good terminal care and the “double effect ” of good symptom control, it is unpredictable.No doubt, Mr Shukla has a good business.!
    On the topic of life expectancy(LE), the recent CDC data show that LE in USA was lower in 2016, down from 78.9 in 2014 to 78.6.This change has been attributed to increasing mortality in the 25-34 yr old group from drug overdoses.Compare this with Japan 84, France 83 Britain and Germany 81.


  3. Thanks Nisantha, for posting this video,,expressing views on,faith, reality of life/death,
    Conflict, andreconciliation ,

    Was the death of the man trying to resolve the life long conflict. Due to the highly stress ful/ emotional state leading to the ” broken heat syndrome?..?.


  4. Thanks for posting this lovely life’s lesson. Strangely it came soon after I read a mail from a life long friend who died soon after he sent me the mail.


  5. HI Narme,
    Sorry to hear about your friend ….
    IS this Chance / Coincidence, though some say ” nothing happens by chance ‘ …
    Seek your comfort from a Life Long Friendship and the Last Letter ..
    Blessings- eagleD


  6. It is sad but true that all members of our class of 64 have already spent most of the time allotted to us on this beautiful planet. The time we have left is limited. We hear practically on a daily basis of our school mates friends and family passing away , as Narme did.

    If we lead our life in such a manner that ,when we are no more the ones left behind would contemplate about us and perhaps shed a tear or bring thoughts of sorrow into their mind. If we think our demise will bring them joy and happiness then it is time to change our life style immediately.



  7. D ear. Nisantha

    I am sorry, I have to disagree with your views expressed above,

    As I strongly believe in this

    “When I’ll be dead….

    Your tears will flow..

    But I Won’t know

    Cry for me now instead!

    You will send flowers…

    But I won’t see…

    Send them now instead…

    You will say words of praise…

    But I won’t hear…

    Praise me now instead….

    You will forget my faults…
    Forget them now,

    You’ll wish
    You could spent more time with me…

    Spend it now instead!!


    Spend time with every person you love,every one you care for make them special,praise them, appreciate their goodness, when they are. LIVING

    For you never know when time will take them away from you

    Nisantha pardon me if I am wrong


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