9 thoughts on “Batch’64 Photo Quiz-Rani”

  1. Dont know what it is –
    I seem to agree with Nisantha and Seelan, for I have seen similar ones ( on Nat Geo TV of course ) in South America ,Mexico etc .
    In North America- these sites are real treasured Archeological dig sites– that are now being ‘discovered’ as the Archeologists browse around ‘ Burial Mounds ‘ — that are – about 5000 yrs old .
    I was at a such a site in a remote area of Labrador, – at a Burial site 8000 yrs old, of an Labrador Inuit child ., and again at a site in Greenland .
    The structures how ever, were not so well preserved as the ones in SL

    On another note —
    Rani- I just would LOVE to go on a trip with you, anywhere you want, while we are in SL in October .– and we can visit these wonderful places .
    Nisantha- if you are going to Wilapattu- with folks,- can I join your gp ?
    I have never been to Wilpattu .
    Dont worry, f this is not possible-

    Hello Class of 64 — Will there be someone else willing to have ” eagleD” as a ‘ tag along ‘ ?
    This trip to SL in oct- will likely be my last trip out there and I am very keen to see Wilpattu and Yala and Jaffna .

    Thanks Rani for the great quiz- I do want to know the answer !!!


    1. Deepthi I have been to Yala many many times but have not been to to Wilpattu. Yes I would like to go to Wilpattu and you certainly can join us.

      My nephew Gehan Banda… is a wild life enthusiast and a wild life conservationist. He knows about all the wild life sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. I shall ask his opinion about the trip to Wilpattu.



      1. Thanks a lot Nisantha .

        It would be a dream come true for me to join up with you and Piching on a Nature Trip to Wilapattu.
        I am surprised that you have not been to Wilpattu — the most famous Bird Sancturary in SL .
        My dream is to SEE the birds in their natural environment, rather than for photography .
        Few good photos- would be the icing on the cake !

        You are there to take the BEST photos , that I know you will kindly share with like minded folks .

        Most folks dont have the time and patience like us crazy birdie birders to watch and wait for Mother Nature to show Her lovely creations .

        To have a Wild Life Conservationist to take us would be more than a dream for me . I hope it works out .

        Even if Gehan is not able to accompany us, he could give you the right advice on the ‘how to ‘.

        Thank you sooo much Nisantha – and keep me in the news via my private e-mail .

        eagleDbirdlover !


  2. Congratulations to the “Intellectual Trio” tombs Srilanka

    -Tombs – Egypt- Pyramids- familiar

    Tombs-Cists- Srilanka- oops not so familiar?

    Site- Ibbankatuwa Megalithic ( megas- great, Lithic- stone) Cists tombs

    Location- 5 km from Dambulla town

    Period- Protohistoric – Radio carbon dating has confirmed the tombs originated during 700 BC 400 BC
    Excavated 1970

    Each tomb consists of ash kept in a clay pot with,tools of the deceased, iron, copper, stone beads, Agate necklaces,laid in a chambers called CISTS. 4 slabs of stone covered with a stone lid

    Most exciting finding is that the burial pots are aligned astronimacally to the Equinox.

    The site is a reminder that our ancestors were much more refined and intelligent than common perception


    1. Thanks Rani for the wonderful post on the Ancient Burial site in SL .

      Similar practice of arranging the Burial sites to be in line with the Equinox is well known in Ancient North/ South American cultures .
      I wonder if the Ancient Egyptians did the same thing .

      It is amazing how ALL Ancient Cultures have had the same Burial Rites– all over the world .

      The Aboriginal People of Canada and USA- have the identical way of Respecting The After Life, by leaving the utensils, clothes etc used by the deceased person , in the grave .
      Many of these Burial Sites were ‘looted’ for want of a better word, by the Colonial Masters in the 1800- 1900 in Canada , and artifacts taken to museums around the world for display for profit .

      Very recently, there has been a huge Repatriation of Native Artifacts back to Canada, from museums UK, Europe and USA, after years of protest and negotiations .

      A well known museum in Chicago was a major culprit- but, common sense prevailed and we got back the ‘stolen ‘ artifacts – back to Haida Gwaii , British Clolumbia, Canada, for proper Burial Ceremony .

      Look up on google ” Stolen Spirits of Haida Gwaii ” — a very moving documentary produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Cooporation , about 10 yrs ago .
      Air Canada- waived the cargo costs of this massive undertaking of Repatriation of Haida Ancestral Remains .

      Rani- your Quiz- brought out a lot thought, out into the open ! so to speak !!
      Thanks a lot .


    1. HI Rani- I think, there is some thoughts on a group bus trip, and Ariya brought up the trip to Jaffna as a suggestion , as he had the most wonderful trip to Jaffna with Laki/ Gita to attend a Ob/ Gyn conference , when he was there a few months back .
      Lets see how this works .
      Wilpattu- see my note to Nisantha above .
      thanks- eagleDbirdlover .


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