6 thoughts on “Batch’64 Entertainment- Narme”

  1. Dear Narme,
    You appreciate music well & have Good taste.
    I am not a musician, but I seem to understand this piece of music !!! :- East can follow the West- The west is now following the east – producing perfect “harmony”
    I feel like learning music, but too late – may be in my next life.


  2. East meets west in perfect harmony . What a wonderful performance. Who would have thought a 200 rupee ? flute could produce such lovely music. Enjoyed it start to finish.

    Thanks Narme for posting it.



  3. Narme, This music was great. Great jazz music , combination of western & Eastern . Great performance. Thank you, Narme for post..



  4. Thanks Narme, enjoyed listening to the “musical Bliss”
    As we all know “Music is an International Language ”

    So what better way to break down the Barriers ,and bring Communities together, in the present world of conflict ,and hatred among different races than “Fusion” of the East and West Music


  5. Thanks Narme for this wonderful bit of East Meets West !

    There is a nice recording of Ravi Shanker playing the Sitar with the London Phil Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta – done some yrs back .

    This was back in the early 80’s when I was studying Western Classical Music, while staying home with the kids

    Ravi Shankar came to Toronto a long time ago, and I was lucky to have attended that sold out concert .

    Worth the while to go on google and see if we can find a you tube of this recording , of two great Indian Masters together .

    I bought the old records but, sold them at a garage sale , when I was ‘cleaning up stuff ‘ !

    Thanks again – for ‘waking up ‘ my old brain — Love the Harmony .


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